Purpose of Adopt-A-School

  • Purpose

    What is the purpose of Adopt-A-School?
    Our Adopt-A-School program is a partnership between local communities, businesses, organizations and Denton ISD to make a difference in the lives of our students.
    The program is about finding ways for our local community to support our schools and, in turn, benefit our teachers, staff and – ultimately, and most importantly of all – our students. Our partners serve as a cornerstone for our students and staff in multiple ways, including:
    • Sponsoring field trips, projects or contests
    • Promoting academic or social programs
    • Supporting after-school clubs, groups and teams
    • Mentoring or tutoring students both individually or in small groups
    • Honoring students and/or staff for their achievements 
     Some of Adopt-A-School's partners in education take a tour of a Denton ISD school