• BMMS Counseling Department

     DISD Mission Statement:

    Empowering lifelong learners to be engaged citizens, who positively impact their local and global communities.

    BMMS Mission Statement:

    We are committed to empowering our students to achieve excellence in an ever changing world, while providing everyone success every day.

    BMMS Values:

    We are committed to developing lifelong learners as we promote a collaborative relationship among students, teachers, families, and the community at large.

    We are committed to authentically educating both students and staff through support, teamwork, rigor, and high expectations, as we inspire each other through teaching, modeling, and mentoring,

    We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment while cultivating a climate of respect and appreciation for the diversity of others within and beyond the school community.

    BMMS Motto:

    We enter to learn, we leave to achieve.

    BMMS Counseling Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counseling program which is essential in the achievement of excellence for all of our lifelong learners. The guidance and counseling component is an integral part of our school’s total educational program. All students will be provided the opportunity to develop the academic, social, personal, and career components needed to prepare them for success within their local and global communities.