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    • TEA Out-of-State Travel Justification Form UPDATED
      • Corrected Program Guidelines, page 37 of 63 now read, “Out-of-state travel costs are allowable. Out-of-state travel costs should be minimal. Travel costs are allowable as long as the expenses for transportation, lodging, subsistence, and related items are only incurred by employees on official business of the grantee and follow the grantee’s regular business operations and written travel policy. Out-of-state travel with Title II, Part A, funds must be due to the absence of in-state opportunities to satisfy the same Title II, Part A, specific needs. Out-of-state costs are allowable if:
        1. The purpose matches a need identified in the needs assessment
        2. No similar opportunity exists in the state
        3. If for professional development of appraisers, it’s for professional development that will positively impact instruction in subjects with Highly Qualified requirements (math, science, social studies, ELAR, fine arts, and foreign language)
        4. If for professional development of teachers, it’s only for teachers that have Highly Qualified requirements (math, science, social studies, ELAR, fine arts, and foreign language) or teachers of special populations (ELL, SPED, etc.)
        5. If for recruiting, it has to be for recruiting teachers who are Highly Qualified (so recruiting teachers of the HQ subjects)

    • TEA Educational Field Trip Justification Form UPDATED 
      • Corrected Program Guidelines, page 15 of 63, now read, “Field trips may be funded under the grant program with the following conditions:
        ·         is identified in the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA);
        ·         is included in the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP);
        ·         is allocable, reasonable, and necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of the grant program;
        ·         includes an instructional activity or activities that cannot be conducted through interactive activities in the
                  classroom or on campus;
        ·         will result in a positive impact on student achievement;
        ·         includes instruction that addresses the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS); and
        ·         includes an evaluation of the field trip that measures the impact on student achievement.
      • The LEA must keep documentation on each field trip that demonstrates alignment with the requirements listed above.” 

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