• Based on the Book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happines for Kids
    by Carol McCloud
    The objective is to teach students to become bucket fillers and not bucket dippers.
    Our focus this year will be kindness as we fill each other's “Buckets” and teach students appropriate ways to deal with those trying to empty their “Buckets”. Teaching Peaceful resolution techniques and friendship skills are just a couple of topics that will be reinforced by bucketfilling. For example, putting a “Lid on the Bucket” is a good way to prevent it from being emptied. Bucket Filling is something everyone should do and practice everyday.
    Bucket fillers are kind, generous, and considerate.

    Bucket dippers are rude, mean, and selfish.

    The overall goals of this program is to teach students to:

    • Put others feelings ahead of their own.
    • Decrease the incidence of bullying.
    • Take responsibility for their actions.
    • Help to create a safe, warm, and caring environment.
      Have you filled someone's "Bucket" today?
Last Modified on December 3, 2018