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    Mrs. Rojas
    I read the story If You Give a Moose a Muffin as a read aloud and had a discussion about the story. I reread the story and the students stopped me if they heard a contraction. The students wrote down the contractions on a piece of paper. They made muffins and on top of the muffins they put the two words and on the bottom of the muffin they wrote the contraction.

    We also read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and discussed by comparing and contrasting the stories. The students used a Double Bubble Map to show their thinking after our discussion.

    We had double the fun and double the learning reading two Laura Numeroff books! 
    Mrs. Harber
    I read my 1st grade class Ponyella by Laura Numeroff. The students had to draw Ponyella and describe her character traits. At first, the students were a little nervous about drawing their own Ponyella. They didn’t think theirs would be as good as the illustrators, but with a little encouragement and some hard work they managed to draw some fantastic Ponyella’s.
    Ms. Alfaro
    We read several of Laura Numeroff's books and then they wrote their own story following a similar style. They planned their writing, made story boards to plan their books and then they published their projects. They really enjoyed the books and were very excited about writing their own!!
    Mrs. Ormand
    Our class wrote our own 2nd grade version of "If You Give a…" together we brainstormed ideas and the order of our story and then each student was responsible for one page of the book.
    Mrs. Carrell-Munywoki
    In our class each buddy pair responded to the prompt, “If you gave a 2nd grader a pencil…” They then illustrated their words.

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