• How to Search Databases

    Some websites and information can be accessed by anyone with internet access, but others are available only through subscription (which means you pay money to have access.)  The WS Ryan Library has our own databases that can be accessed without a login and password at school, and with a login and pin number at home.  Databases are better than informational books because they are updated more frequently then books.  This makes the information more current. 

    Click here to watch a video about why to use databases 
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    How to Access Databases

    Go to the WS Ryan webpage. 

    Then click on the library link. 
    Then go to research – databases page. 
    This page gives you direct links to all the databases at school.  You do not need the login and password at school.  At home you go to the same page but scroll all the way to the bottom where it says home access to databases.  To login in at home, login is the district teacher/student id number. The pin number is the year the student was born.  If you have any trouble with the pin number, contact your school librarian.


    World Book Online
    Encyclopedias are full of informative articles and pictures about a broad variety of topics.  Encyclopedias are a good place to begin research.  Reading an encyclopedia article can give you a good introduction to your topic and provide you many basic facts.  Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade should probably use World Book Student.
    Click here to watch a video about why you should use World Book Online


    PebbleGo includes databases on animals, Earth and space, social studies and biographies.  Each database features articles designed for beginning readers.  


    Kids Search (EBSCO) and (Infobits Gale)
    EBSCO and Gale allow you to search several different databases at once.  EBSCO and Gale has magazine articles, newspaper articles, encyclopedia articles, photos, and other resources.  The resources on EBSCO and Gale are not on the internet.  You cannot find them when you google because you have to pay to have access to these resources. Students on 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade should probably use Kids Search in EBSCO and Kids Infobits in Gale.
    Watch this video about EBSCO Kids Search 
    Watch this video about Gale Infobits