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     *All athletes must print off, sign, & return only the last page of the manual*
    *Athletes will not be allowed to attend a track meet until this page has been signed and returned. 

    G U Y E R  G I R L S

    T R A C K  &  F I E L D   


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    Athlete Manual   







    This handbook is written to clarify the Guyer Girls Track & Field Program. It is written as an aid to eliminate any misunderstanding that might occur during the season. The handbook is not meant to eliminate communication between Athletes, Parents and Coaches, but to make certain the lines are open and there are few “gray” areas.



         It doesn't matter what your goal in life is; you must develop a sense of purpose. To participate in a sport, to study and to train is to believe in something. It is this quest for excellence and the never-ending belief in yourself that challenges you to strive and to overcome. During this process, individuals become transformed, and aspire to new heights of achievement. You must develop goals and a total commitment, because then, and only then, will you develop a deeper perspective of life in general. 

         Choose a goal and work toward it. Later, it can be modified, changed, or abandoned for a better one; but make a decision, decide to decide, plan to plan. If you don't have goals in life or athletics, you may find yourself frustrated and eventually emotionally drained. 

         People who excel in their endeavors invariably are the ones who, early on, had determination and clear-cut goals and habitually directed all their energies toward fulfilling them. The decision to go after a goal is the key to success. The determination to stay with it is what brings out the quality of excellence. 

         As you go through school, you must remember that your main purpose in attending Guyer High School is to do the best possible academic work you can because this is your preparation for a lifetime profession. Like athletics, if your preparation is poor, your chances of succeeding in this competitive world will be poor.



         If you decide to be the best that you can be, you need to be ready for many difficult experiences, because training and competing are difficult and time consuming. 

         The more you know about training and competition, the better you will be as a competitor. The more self-respect you have, the more you will stay on the route that leads to success. It is essential in all phases of your training to have someone to persuade and support you, but, in the end, you will train and compete successfully because you want to, not because somebody else wants you to.  



    1.  To get an education

    2.  To give your total effort in practice and competition

    3.  To give unselfishly towards your teammates

    4.  To make the most of what you've got

    5.  To be totally honest in all your dealings

    6.  To be loyal to your school, coaches, teachers, teammates, and family

    7.  To be courteous

    8.  To be emotional and enthusiastic 




    1.  To be loyal to you in all areas

    2.  To be totally honest

    3.  To provide the leadership and training necessary to achieve goals

    4.  To work you harder than you have worked before

    5.  To assist you in any way possible now and after you graduate

    6.  To treat you with respect

    7.  To make decisions as to what is best for the team, and then what is best for the Individual

    8.  To do everything within our power to improve our program, make our program the BEST

    9.  To help you mature and grow as an adult

    10.  To help you reach your goals



    It is important that you understand that we have four assumptions. The program is centered on the four assumptions. If you are not in complete agreement with all four of the assumptions, it is best for you not to ever begin the program because there will be constant conflicts. The assumptions explain to you where the coach is trying to go with the program. If you are trying to go in a different direction, then you and the coach will not be able to work together

    1. We assume you want to be the best track & field athlete you can be. When a coach looks at you, they see what you could and should be, and will push you to achieve your potential. The coach understands that "Permissiveness is neglect of duty". You will never be allowed to settle for less than your best.

    2. We assume that you want to run on a Championship team. Our practices are designed to produce Champions. You understand that decisions are made with the priority being the team, and the individual must come second. Athletes must understand that their position is determined by what helps the team the most, and cannot be where they or their parents want them to be.

    3. We assume you expect to graduate with the highest grades that you are capable of making. We will not simply try to keep you eligible. You will be pushed to make the highest grades possible. You will be responsible to the team to turn in all assigned work on time. 


    4. We assume that you want to become a better person. You understand that you represent our team, and that you might be the only athlete that some people will ever know. You will understand that there are many benefits that go along with being a member of the team, but along with those benefits you will be held accountable for your actions.


         The only reason you will be eliminated from the team is "Selfishness". Selfishness and Team cannot co-exist. We will eliminate a selfish star to keep a team.  Selfishness is the problem; some of its symptoms are: 


    1.  Stealing - violation of another's things or space for selfish gain

    2.  Tardy – explained below*

    3.  Absent – missing practice benefits no one - explained below*

    4.  I - concerned with oneself more than the team

    5.  Class misconduct, ISS....etc. 

    *Attendance and punctuality are mandatory. You are to attend every function and be on time. Failure to attend or arriving late are very selfish acts. A person that is tardy or absent is concerned with only themselves. Arrange your schedule to prepare for circumstances that might cause you to be late or absent. 

    1. If you are tardy or absent, you are expected to communicate. We fear the worst when you are absent; be selfless and let us know the situation. The only problem we cannot handle is the one we don't know about.

    2. If you are absent, you will owe burpees and could lose the privilege of being in 5th block track, and/or attending track meets. Only the Head Coach can excuse you from a workout.


    *Tardy to Lift: Athletes will owe 5 minutes of lunges for the 1st tardy, 7min for the 2nd tardy, and 10 min for the 3rd tardy. 

    *Athletes will be removed from lift on their 4 tardy.  


    * Tardy to Practice: Athletes will owe 10 chest-to-ground burpees for each tardy.

    Repeated tardies to practice will result in the loss of privileges. 


    **Missed practice/lift with no prior communication:  50 chest-to-ground burpees

    Once track season begins, absences without communication will result in the loss of eligibility for the following track meet.

    **Missed practice/lift with prior communication: 25 chest-to-ground burpees

    After three missed lifts in a calendar month, athletes will be removed from the weight room. Each lift builds on the previous workout. This rule is to keep our athletes safe.  Once track season begins in January, after three missed practices, any following missed practice will cause the athlete to be ineligible for the next track meet.  Missing practice for a Guyer sponsored function does not count towards the three absences as long as the conflict has been communicated to the coaching staff.

    **Missed track meet: If you miss a track meet, you are ineligible for the following track meet

    (minus extenuating circumstances such as a funeral, a Guyer event, or sickness with a doctor’s note).


    Multi-Sport Athletes: Athletes can compete in multiple sports at once -- for example soccer and track.  Athletes competing for Guyer in another sport that overlaps track season are to keep their first sport as their number one priority until that season has completed and the coach releases you to work with the track team full time.  It is the athlete's job to communicate with the head coaches of both sports.



         You are responsible to keep your individual area clean, and as a team keep the locker room neat. You are trusted to keep your locker orderly and neat. No one except athletes are allowed in the locker rooms. Locks are provided by the coach. It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep up with their lock.  If an athlete loses a lock, she will have to pay $10 to replace the lock. Failure to pay will result in a Guyer fine card.



    1.      Coach: Coach will make sure all athletes have a secure place to store equipment and valuables. 

                  *Locks will be provided. Locks are $10 to replace if lost.

    2.      Athlete: Athlete will be responsible for securing all items in locker. 

    3. Team: The team will eliminate the selfish act of sealing. 



         Trips are not important, competitions are. Transportation is a method of arriving to accomplish a goal. Transportation is not a goal. Be very considerate of others. Any food or beverage should be checked with the coach. Dress for trips is casual and comfortable. Your dress should reflect the importance you place on being a representative of this school. Your behavior will leave a much more lasting impression, but your appearance cannot be such that it puts you in a negative light.


         There are things you should think about before you use alcohol or drugs. The minute you put alcohol or drugs into your body, you lose any chance of our coaches defending you. We only know a substance free person, and neither the coaches nor I can testify for you once you use any mind-altering agent. You must understand that you represent some great entities; your family, school, team, and coaches. You risk hurting every one of these by use of alcohol or drugs. This is a very selfish act. Selfishness can cause you to be removed from the team. 

         The world around you will tell you it is okay. The ordinary will do it. It takes an extraordinary person to abstain. I hope we do not have any ordinary selfish people in our program. The greatest killer of people in your age group is a drunk driver. 

         If you need alcohol or drugs to have courage, you are a coward, alcohol and drugs cannot change that. If you use alcohol or drugs to cover a problem, you didn't solve a problem, you create a second problem.


    Athletes should visit the Guyer athletic training staff prior to seeing a doctor about a possible injury. The training room is open before school, after school, and during 1st block.  Athletes with injuries should not wait until 5th block to see the trainer; instead, they should see the trainer prior to practice.  If the trainer believes the athlete needs a modified workout or to sit out of workout, they will let the head coach know. If the injury is not bad enough to get to school early to see the trainer, it is not bad enough to sit out of practice.  Additionally, treatment for injuries should be handled the same way.



    1.      Present at all workouts. 

    2.      Eligible under UIL guidelines. 

    3.      Walk the Talk: represent our team covenants through actions and words in all aspects of your life.

    4. Be in good standing with the coach.



    1.      The above #1 – 4.

    2.      Be in the top 3 times/distances/heights with a competitive varsity performance.

    3.      Be a role model for the rest of the team.

    4. Have a positive impact on the team.



    1.      Have a varsity event and/or relay qualify. 

    2. Be passing all classes. 

    3.  Be in good standing with the team, coaches, and classroom teachers.

    *Athletes with a poor work ethic, a poor attitude, and/or consistent tardies or absences to lift and practice will not be allowed to attend Texas Relays even if she is part of a qualifying event. This meet is a special privilege/reward, not a right.  



    Lettering - to reward those athletes who were integral parts of team success by contributing the following: 

    1. Attitude - Willing to sacrifice individualism for good of the team.

    2. Ability - Contributed in both practice and competitions at the Varsity level and/or scores points on the varsity level at the District Track & Field Meet.

    3. Conduct - Athlete is the type of person that teammates, coaches, parents, faculty, and community will be proud to be a representative of Guyer High School.

    4. GPA - Must maintain passing grades throughout the season.




    A.   First, your main priority for being at Guyer is to get an education.


    B.    Second, is to participate in the Track & Field program, and to assist your team in developing a Track & Field program. At the same time, with determination and ability, work to improve your performance in other sports through running.




    G U Y E R   T R A C K  &  F I E L D




    G U Y E R  G I R L S

    T R A C K  &  F I E L D

    Athlete Manual 2017-2018



    Both I, _______________________________, and my parent/guardian, _____________________________, have

                        Athlete’s printed name                                                                             Parent/guardian printed name


    read and understand the 2017-2018 Guyer Girls Track & Field Manual.



    NAME_________________________________________________ DATE: ________________

    Athlete Signature



    NAME_________________________________________________ DATE: ________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature




    *Please Sign & Return this page to Coach Hardesty by ________________________




    *Athletes will not be allowed to compete at any track meets until this form has been signed and returned.