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    Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Holzer and Mrs. Rogers
    Our classes read the book "Rainbow Fish and the Whale."  We had a great discussion about how the rainbow fish and the whale got into a fight because they were not using their words. One student suggested that the rainbow fish and whale could use the peace flower, which is a flower we use in the class to help students start conversations with each other when they are having a difficulty.

    We also talked about how everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. Just like the whale enjoyed the rainbow fish for his beautiful scales, the other fish should look for the beauty in the whale. We made our own rainbows and wrote about our own uniqueness. The students talked about things that they had in common, things that were different, and how we all need friends. There were lots of character lessons that were discussed with this book.
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    Posted by Hodge Virtual Book Club on 3/26/2014
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