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    Mrs. Rojas
    I read "Ava’s Poppy" to my students and they enjoyed reading about the little girl who loved her flower. I used the "Concept of Definition Map" graphic organizer that helps teach definitions of vocabulary words used in science. This Map outlines a variety of ways for students to learn the meaning of a word. It helps them make connections with words because they can look at them in a variety of contexts. This map makes use of students’ senses and their prior knowledge to help them learn new word meanings.

    We connected the flower as being a natural resource which is connected to the water cycle because a natural resource such as a flower needs water, air, earth and sun. The water cycle starts with the sun for evaporation and ends with precipitation which is water droplets that fall to earth. This Map also contains an example of the concept.

    I added a section where students wrote their understanding of their connection. These strategies promote long-term memory because students have had an opportunity to personally connect with the word. We had fun with the Map because my students had prior knowledge of natural resources and then connecting the poppy flower as being a natural resource as well as connecting it with the water cycle made it even more meaningful.
    Mrs. Harber
    We read these two books in Spanish and the kids created a thinking map. They laughed and enjoyed both books. Today, we went to the library and they found the Pfister section and one of my little girls checked out one of his books. 
    Mrs. Alfaro
    We read several books by Marcus Pfister and decided to create a project for the Rainbow Fish books. We wrote about different ways in which we can be good friends. This is how we created our own Rainbow fish!
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    Posted by Hodge Virtual Book Club on 3/26/2014
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