• Dresden and Saxony

    Photos From the '07 Exchange

    Dresden: Frauenkirche
    Narrow street leading from the Elbe river to the Frauenkirche
    Phantoms of the Opera
    Phantoms of the Semper Opera House
    History is fragile: German History on a porcelain wall
    Frauenkirche and Martin Luther
    The Frauenkirche with Martin Luther statue
    Sächsische Schweiz
    Strange and beautiful: the Sandstone mountains of Saxony (we climbed that peak)
    The blind leading the blindfolded
    And still the little Hänsels and Gretels found their way back...
    Sitting on top of the world
    Sitting on top of the world
    might as well...
    Get away from that edge! (as soon as I take this picture)
    We did it!
    OMG! We're starting to look alike!
    Tight squeeze
    Over the river and through the boulders...
    More stairs
    Great. More stairs.
    Too cute!
    Feste Burg
    Room with a view
    locked away
    We're in the jailhouse now...
    seven shells in her six gun
    Annie, get yer gun!
    Palace on the Elbe shore
    The Dresden excursion was a bonding experience.

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