• Alexander Von Humboldt Oberschule (Gymnasium)

    Our exchange school is the Alexander Von Humboldt Oberschule (AvH) in Berlin. To explore the school, visit their website and click the button on the right "Rundgang-Interaktiv."
    * AvH is a type of high school called a gymnasium. The Gymnasium is the highest of three types of secondary schools in the German system. Continuing to grade thirteen, the program leads to a degree called the Abitur and prepares students for university study or for a dual academic and vocational credential. The most common education tracks offered by the standard Gymnasium are classical language, modern language, and mathematics-natural science.

    The Neighborhood:
    grosser mueggelsee

    Groβer Müggelsee. This lake (German: See, as in Müggelsee) and the surrounding forests are part of the attraction of Köpenick, where the AvH school is located. The Mueggelsee pictured above is approximately four kilometers from the school and several of our exchange partners from the AvH live near it. Köpenick, on the southeastern edge of the city, is part of Berlin, just as Brooklyn is part of New York City; but because of the lake and trees it is often refered to as the "green oasis" or as the "lungs of Berlin."

    In addition to rowing on the rivers and lakes in Koepenick, there are ways to enjoy the water less strenuously.


    But just down river is the excitement of the big city.
    Oberbaumbruecke Fernsehturm