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    Mrs. Shelton
    Denise Fleming’s book "Lunch" made us hungry! So, since we have been studying Mexico for the upcoming Fiesta of Learning at our school, we made a chart of all the Mexican foods that we love. SALSA was the winner. We decided to write a story about making salsa as we prepared the salsa to enjoy. We learned about the ingredients used to make salsa by observing the salsa garden in our outdoor learning center and reading a book about salsa on the reading a-z website. After we wrote down the list of ingredients, it was time to get “cookin” and writing.

    We discussed how Denise Fleming uses GREAT DESCRIBING WORDS. We observed our fruits and veggies to find the perfect words for our story before mixing our ingredients together. The story turned out great, and the salsa was delicious. We even made pulp paper painting of our fruits and veggies to decorate our door for the fiesta in honor of Denise Fleming. Ole!
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    Posted by Hodge Virtual Book Club on 4/30/2014 12:00:00 PM
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