• 1st Grade Projects
    Mrs. Dunning
    This month we worked on visualizing the pictures, and we illustrated several of her books. We talked about what we envisioned in our minds as we read each page. What would we see? What might we hear? The kids did an amazing job!
    Mrs. Reyna
    We read "Mama Cat Has Three Kittens," "In the Small Pond," and "The Everything Book" by Denise Fleming. While we were reading, we were working on visualizing. I would read a book by Denise Fleming (without showing the pictures) and while we were reading we were working on visualizing and focusing on details. Each pair of students would describe what they were visualizing with their partner after every couple of pages. When we were finished each student got just the words to part of the story and they illustrated their own picture to go with the words. While they were illustrating they explained how their picture matched the words in the story. 

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    Posted by Hodge Virtual Book Club on 4/30/2014 12:00:00 PM
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