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    Mrs. Rojas
    We read the book "Time for Sleep." For this project, we used the Problem-Solution Map. This Map is a graphic organizer that assists students in analyzing and solving science problems that are encountered in the real world. Writing about the problem in their own words is an effective way for students to understand the problem. This Map teaches problem-solving skills, so the more ideas that students generate the better.

    The bilingual partners helped and articulated their thoughts and ideas prior to filling out the Problem-Solution Map. The students did a little research on winter and the hibernation. They did a good job discussing and filling out the map. They learned about hibernation and were amazed at how many animals hibernate. It was a very good learning experience for them.
    Mrs. Harber
    For our Denise Fleming project, we read "In the Tall, Tall Grass."

    We talked about what happens in the tall grass and we decided to create or own version but in our version we would talk about what happens in school.

    The students came up with the title, In the Hodge, Hawk School and then they wrote and drew what they do at Hodge.

    We came up with several different things we do at Hodge. The students got to pick what they wanted to draw and write about. They really enjoyed the activity and added their own twist to a couple of things that we do at Hodge.
    Mrs. Alfaro
    We read “Time to Sleep” by Denise Fleming and we talked about the reason why some animals hibernate. Our class investigated and shared some animals that hibernate during the winter. Each student explained what they knew about hibernation and they drew pictures for some animals that do this.
    Mrs. Dennis
    We read Denise Fleming’s "In the Tall, Tall Grass," among other books from her collection. My kiddos really took to her books and the prose that she wrote in. I suggested that we write our own class book titled In the Hodge, Hodge school. My students worked with their learning pair and each pair created a page that started with the line "In the Hodge, Hodge school," I was very pleased with their author projects and am proud to share our work with you. Enjoy!
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