• Setting up Email

    Denton ISD provdies support for district email on both personal and district-owned devices. See the steps below to connect your DISD email account to your iPad:
    1. Click Settings on the iPhone or iPad Home Screen.
    2. Click Wi-Fi and check to see that you are logged into DISD-Staff.
    3. On the left side of the Settings page scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    4. On the right side click on Add Account
    5. Click Exchange 
    6. On the Exchange page, type the following
      1. Email - Your DISD email address
      2. Password - Your DISD network password
      3. Description - How you want the name to appear in your list of email addresses
      4. If prompted: The Server name is exhub.dentonisd.org and the Domain is just dentonisd
    7. Click Next in the top right corner
    8. Set your Email preference:
      1. Mail – On (you will see green by the button if it is on)
      2. Contacts – Turn off (If left on you would sync around 4,000 DISD Contacts) 
      3. Calendars - On
      4. Reminders - On
      5. Notes - Optional - turn on if you want
    9. Click Save
    10. Press the Home button
    11. Click the Mail app
    12. You will now see your DISD email as one of your email accounts
    13. Click on the account you just configured to go to the inbox.
     For detailed instructions with graphics, please click here.