• Football Chant/Cheer List


    Cowboys, hey cowboys, yell go fight win

    Defense, get up attack, push them back

    Cowboys, you know what to do, shoot two

    Yell it, yell it out, let’s go cowboys

    Cowboys, yell it, go fight win

    Take it to the endzone, hey, move that ball


    Get that ball back

    PR-IDE Cowboys show your pride

    We love em, yeah, we love our cowboys

    We love em, yeah, we love our COWBOYS

    Cowboys cowboys are the best


    BEAT Beat those __________.

    Defense attack push them back

    TOUCH down, touchdown

    YELL everybody stand up everybody yell

    Beat beat those _____ beat beat those ______.


    Yell it, louder now, let's go cowboys


    Knock em down, roll em around, come on defense work. Work!


    RCMS Let’s go


    Hey hey whadya say, maroon and silver


    Cowboys, yell it, RCMS


    Take it to the top, cowboys can’t be stopped


    We, we, we want a touchdown cowboys


    Hey, hey, here we go, crownover, cowboys

    COWBOYS go cowboys go


    Let’s go silver let’s go maroon, silver, maroon


    Cowboys, cowboys, let your spirit show, come on, let’s go


    Go go GO, go cowboys go


    Go go get em get em, cowboys


    Go big maroon let’s go


    Have you got that spirit


    Stomp cheer


    Fans, get your hands up, let’s get loud


    Gooooo cowboys go


    Let’s, get, a little bit rowdy, ROWDY


    Everybody, get on your feet, everybody do the cowboy beat


    Stand up, clap your hands, show some spirit, up in the stands


    G, GO, come on cowboys let’s go


    RC-MS let’s go cowboys





    123 Cheer:

    Maroon, silver, maroon, silver

    Hey fans! We want to see

    who’s louder on 123

    123 maroon

    123 silver


    Go for the Gold:

    Cowboys, stand up move around

    Follow the beat it’s time to get down

    Yell go big maroon, go big maroon

    Cowboys, stand up move around

    Follow the beat it’s time to get down

    Yell go, go cowboys, go, go cowboys

    Go big maroon, go, go cowboys.


    We say you say

    When we say crownover, you say cowboys

    Crownover cowboys

    When we say silver you say maroon

    Silver Maroon

    When we say beat the you say ____

    Beat the ________, beat the _______

    When we say win, you say tonight

    Win tonight, win tonight





    Victory Cheer

    Victory is what we want

    It’s what we will get

    The number one team

    You will not forget



    Tryout dance

    Fans, get off your set

    Come on, come on and follow this beat

    Lets go

    Let’s fight

    Let’s win

    Let’s go let’s fight let’s win tonight




    Confidence Dance

    Problem Dance

    Heros Dance

    Tryout Dance

    Go big Maroon Band Dance

    Sweet Caroline Band Dance