• 2nd Grade Projects
    Ms. Alfaro
    We read “Shoes from Grandpa” in our class. We worked on a sequencing activity and then made inferences as to what kind of things could Jessie do with the clothing items she had. Then we worked in pairs to create a picture of Jessie and describe the things she could do.
    Mrs. Harber
    I read "Whoever You Are" to two different classes. We talked about how we can be different but at the same time we can have things in common. So I had them talk with their bilingual pair about their differences and what they had in common. They came up with their own ideas and some of the students used some from the book. I think it was an eye opening experience for some of the kids because before they thought they didn't share something in common with their bilingual pair but after this activity they found out they did.
    Mrs. Rojas
    I read "Shoes from Grandpa" to the students. We had a discussion about the story and they made inferences about their own life. The students used construction paper to create half of their face with only their eyes to make it seem that they were telling the audience their personal experience with gifts from their relatives. They wrote their own personal narrative about their own personal experience receiving clothes from their relatives.

    They focused their writing on small moments from their life, they used transitional and describing words to write their personal narrative. They read to their partner and discovered that they had many of the same clothes or other things that relatives had given them. The students had a good time sharing their experience with each other because it was as if they had lived the story, "Shoes from Grandpa."

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