• Automated iPad Enrollment during Setup onto DISD MDM

    Denton ISD wants to be sure that all staff and students are kept safe and secure, and therefore we manage all iPads that have been purchased by the district. This also alleviates a few setup steps so our district employees are up and running quickly and efficiently. Additionally, this gives some abilities to push apps and other features to the devices as we need to. To begin the setup process of your iPad, follow the directions below!

    This method is the most common enrollment method. You will be enrolled during the setup process for the iPad.  iPads purchased outside Technology that did not get enrolled in DEP (Device Enrollment Program), must be enrolled manually.


    1. When you first turn on a new or recently wiped iPad, you will walk through a series of steps before it is fully functional. Turn on the iPad.
    2. At the Welcome screen, swipe to the left.

    1. Next you are going to select your language of choice, preferably, English.

    1. Next, you will choose your country, United States.


    1. Next, you will connect the device to Wi-Fi. If you are in the district, we suggest you use DISD-PUB, to save you a step from signing into DISD Wireless, but any Wi-Fi connection will suffice. Note: You may be prompted to accept a User License Agreement when connecting to PUB for the first time. If this occurs, please select "I Agree" check box, and click Continue.

    1. Once a blue check mark appears next to your preferred Wi-Fi network, symbolizing you are connected, click Next in the upper right hand corner. You will then be prompted that Denton ISD would like to configure this iPad. Click Next in the upper right hand corner again to continue.

    1. You will be prompted for a username and password. If this is a Staff iPad, please have the employee sign in to the device with their district network credentials. If this is a shared iPad for a cart, please use the designated campus mobile account. Once completed, please hit Next in the upper right hand corner. Note: If you do not know the campus mobile account, please consult your campus technician, instructional technologist, or librarian. They will take care of this for you. These accounts are not to be given out, outside of designated authorities.

    1. Next, you will be prompted for a passcode. This is optional, as noted at the bottom of the screen, but strongly encouraged. The passcode is up to you. Treat this as securely as your district network password. Once entered, hit Continue.


    1. Finally, you will be presented with a Get Started button. Select that and it will bring you directly to the Home Screen. Congratulations! We look forward to all the amazing work you and our students do with this incredible device!