• Removing Mobile Device Connections in Office 365

    Microsoft allows you to connect up to ten mobile devices to your e-mail. Once you reach the maximum ten partnerships you will not be able to connect a new device until you remove a device. If you are getting the error message telling you that you have ten mobile partnerships you will need to log into your 365 e-mail and remove devices that you no longer need connected to your DISD e-mail.  
     How to Remove a Mobile Device:
    • Click the following link: https://outlook.office365.com/

    • Press the Enter Key

    • You will need to enter your full DISD email address the first time you log into 365

                     Log in

    • Press the Enter Key

    • Click the Mail Tile 

                                          Mail Tile

    • Click the Setting Wheel in the top right corner

                                 Settings Wheel

    • Click Manage add-ins

                         Manage add-ins

    • On the left side of the page click Mobile devices

                                  Mobile Devices      

    • You will see the devices that you have connected to your DISD e-mail

                                  Connected Devices

    • Click on the one you want to remove so that it is highlighted

    • Click the Remove Button

                     Remove Button

    • Click Yes to remove the device 

    • Click the arrow beside Options to go back to your mailbox


    • You can now connect a new mobile device to your DISD 365 e-mail account

    • Click this link for directions on how to connect DISD e-mail to your mobile device DISD E-Mail on Mobile Devices