The members of the Crownover Middle School Cheer Squad must adhere to the following articles.  It must be understood that as a member of this organization, the student becomes a representative of the Denton ISD and of Crownover Middle School and each member must maintain high moral and ethical standards.  Membership may be terminated at any time for unacceptable standards of conduct.


    The Cheer Squad Constitution is designed to be used as a guideline toward becoming the best you can be.  Good judgment and common sense will be used when an incident occurs (not covered in the constitution).


    Being a squad member provides for many girls their first opportunity to share a common bond and a close relationship with others.   Learning what it means to work very closely with other girls/boys and sharing in accomplishments and frustrations are all part of being a squad member.  It is an honor to be chosen as a squad member.  To remain an active cheer or pep squad member, a girl/boy must maintain passing grades, keep in good physical shape and uphold all guidelines established in the Crownover Cheer Constitution.





    The purpose of the Crownover Middle School Cheer Squad shall be to boost the morale and spirit of the school, to entertain audiences through cheering, to develop leadership, sportsmanship, and responsibility.  It is also the squad member’s purpose to represent Crownover Middle School in a manner that will reflect positively upon the school, as well as upon the squad whether in uniform or not.  Each member agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in this constitution.




    Section 1       Each member must return the following forms by the posted due date on the tryout packet:

    A.    Parent Permission Form: permits squad member to participate in all performances and shows understanding of financial responsibilities. 

    B.    Physical Form: must submit a copy of squad member’s current physical to have on file, so coaches are informed of medical conditions.


    Section 2.      The term of membership shall be recognized as the time immediately following cheerleading tryouts through tryouts for the following year.


    Section 3.      Members must have a commitment to cheering, supporting athletic teams and promoting school spirit among the student body and all organizations.


    Section 4.      A member’s resignation will be accepted only after the member has a conference with the coach and ALL financial obligations are met.  All school properties must be returned in good condition.  Once dismissed from the squad, reinstatement will not be allowed.




    Section 1.      Academic Eligibility:  Eligibility guidelines will be strictly enforced in accordance with the UIL policies outlining “No Pass, No Play”. The 2015-16 UIL Eligibility Calendar will be utilized to determine eligibility for cheerleading participation. 


    Section 2.      The second occurrence of academic ineligibility within the year will result in dismissal from the organization.  Failing two or more classes, may result in being dismissed from the team permanently. 




    Section 1.      All squad members must be in regular full day attendance to participate in practice or a scheduled activity. 


    Section 2.      Members will participate in all activities in which the squad is involved.  This includes all practices, performances, fund-raisers, and social activities that the squad is involved. 


    Section 3.      Failure to comply with absence policies, to falsify reasons for absences or excessive absences may result in privileges being revoked.




    Section 1.      In the event of an absence or scheduling conflict (excused or unexcused), the squad member must inform the coach in writing of the absence and the reason for the absence at least two days PRIOR to the absence. 


    Section 2.      If a squad member misses a practice of a new performance, then she/he may be removed from that routine. 


    Section 3.      Squad members are responsible for obtaining any information that was given on the day        of the absence. Material is posted on the Crownover cheer webpage and RCMSCheer Instagram.


    Section 4.      Schedules will be provided as early as possible, and families are expected to plan family functions and vacations accordingly.




    Section 1.      All practice sessions will be mandatory upon notification of these dates and times. Check posted announcements and webpage weekly for updated information.


    Section 2.      Members will arrive on time to practice and stay until dismissed. Members must be picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of practice.


    Section 3.      Members must wear the specified practice attire.  Hair must be pulled back, in a ponytail and secured from the face at all times. Jewelry is not allowed in practice sessions. 


    Section 4.      Members should schedule tutorials, make-up tests, etc. at times that do not conflict with practice or performance.


    Section 5.      On occasion, some routines will need some additional attention.  If the coach feels more time is needed to perfect a routine, every effort will be made to notify the cheerleader of the extra time required to polish the routine.


    Section 6.      Member’s suffering from injury will be excused from practice upon receipt of written notice from an attending physician.




    Section 1.      DO NOT make alterations to the uniforms without permission from the coach.


    Section 2.      If any uniform article is lost or damaged, the cheerleader will be responsible to pay to replace the lost item.


    Section 3.      All designated uniforms, jackets, etc. are to be worn by squad members only







    Section 1.      Squad member will perform at scheduled games or special events. 


    Section 2.      The coach reserves the right to pull any member from a performance due to absences, lack of knowledge of cheers/chants/dances, poor attitude, lack of effort, or excessive demerits.


    Section 3.      A uniform and equipment check will be held prior to performances.  At this time the member should be completely ready for performance. This includes uniform, hair, etc.


    Section 4.      Performance Rules and Guidelines:

    A.    Never leave the stands, field or the group without permission from coach.

    B.    Never talk or cheer when a player is injured.  Cheer when they recover.

    C.    Never speak to spectators, including family, or other cheerleaders without permission from coach.

    D.   Always pay close attention to the coach and follow their instructions.

    E.    Be knowledgeable enough about the sport to be a good spectator.




    Special performances will be announced by the coach and are required for each girl unless specified otherwise by the coach.  These may include, but not limited to clinics, high school football/basketball games and other community affairs.  Performances/Events will be announced as soon as possible and each member is expected to make arrangements to participate.  Try-outs may be held for these special performances.




    Section 1.      Each squad member should be a leader within the school and should set a good example at all times.  Squad members must display appropriate behavior both in and out of school. 


    Section 2.      Denton Independent School District rules will be strictly applied whenever the cheerleader is officially representing DISD, attending a school sponsored activity or a school-sponsored trip.  Each member must be aware that their conduct off-campus reflects upon the team image and that any member who is guilty of engaging in any illegal activity will be subject to dismissal.


    Section 3.      If an incident occurs during school or off campus at another event, a member should expect disciplinary action from the school as well as from the coach. The coach will determine consequences for inappropriate behavior after consulting with an administrator.


    Section 4.      Everyday Cheerleader Rules:

    A.    No gum or candy during practices or performances.

    B.    If you do not like a decision, discuss it privately with the coach.

    C.    No public display of affection. (in or out of uniform)

    D.   Gossip will not be tolerated.

    E.    Be respectful and treat others with respect.

    F.    If you do not know what is expected of you, just ask!

    G.   Inappropriate language is never allowed.

    H.    Do not complain or whine.

    I.     Insubordination will not be tolerated.

    J.     Be responsible for your own actions.




    The coach will determine who will be selected for captain/co-captains that will be based on work ethic, participation, and attitude that is representative of a leader and role model among cheer team members.





    Section 1.      Parents must give their permission for their daughter/son to fulfill all the responsibilities of being a member of the squad.


    Section 2.      Parents are encouraged to participate in various cheerleading activities and fundraisers.  Some fundraisers help defray the cost of cheer uniform and equipment.


    Section 3.      Parents are required to get cheer squad members to and from activities on time. Bus transportation will NOT be provided to cheer and/or pep squads.


    Section 4.      Parents must be willing to cooperate with the coach and keep him/her informed of dates that might conflict with squad activities (at least two days prior to scheduled conflict in writing).       




    Section 1.      Parents must be willing to meet all financial obligations for having their daughter/son as a cheerleading member.  All payments are final.


    Section 2       Fee Waiver Scholarships are available. Applications for a fee waiver may be obtained from the front office and need to be submitted to the principal by posted due date.


    Section 3.      Each squad member will be required to purchase all supplies and uniforms, unless the school has a uniform rental program.

    Cheer – uniform (shell and skirt), warm-ups, bag, shoes, poms, bow $345


    Section 4.      All financial obligations for camp must be paid for prior to attendance at camp. $145


    Section 5.      Turning in money:

    A.    All money will be turned into the coach.

    B.   The cheerleader’s name must be written in the memo line on each check.

    C.    Make all checks payable to RCMS Cheer


    Section 6.      Insufficient Funds:  If a check is returned insufficient, we will follow D.I.S.D. policy.  The team member will be responsible for paying the amount plus an additional thirty ($30) dollars to cover bank charges.




    Section 1.      The interpretation of this constitution is the sole right of the coach and administration.


    Section 2.      We have the right to add or change those things which we feel must be changed for the benefit of the squad or for the situation itself.


    Section 3.      This constitution is meant to be a basic operating instrument and is not intended to cover every operating policy.


    Section 4.      The constitution is subject to change at any time due to Texas Education Agency rule changes or with approval from the administration.


    Section 5.      The coach may enforce other rules as they become necessary during the school year for the benefit of the organization.



    APPENDECIES: Each middle school is different based on populations and ability level.



    Appendix A: Merit/Demerit System


    Merit/Demerit Sheet for Cheer Squad

    ·      Demerits may be given for any breaking of the Cheerleader/Pep Squad Rules.

    ·      Merits may be given for responsible behavior and additional activities.

    ·      Merits/demerits will be given and documented by Cheer Coach.

    ·      The coach and administrator’s decision regarding demerits is final.


    Consequences for Earning Demerits

    1.    Squad members will be notified after earning a total of 10 to 15 demerits.


    2.    After earning a total of 15 to 20 demerits, the member may be placed on suspension.  Suspension requires that the cheerleader be in full uniform and sit in the stands with the coach during at least one game or performance until demerits are made up.  Game or performance is at the discretion of the coach.


    3.    After earning a total of 25 demerits, a cheerleader/pep squad member may be permanently removed from the squad.


    List of Merit and Demerits and their Given Value


    2 Merits

    • Making posters on own time


    • Bag of candy during designated times


    • 15 minutes of before and/or after school projects for 6-2, office staff, or coach (filing, cleaning supply closet, hanging posters, etc)

    6 Demerits

    • Teacher referral or complaint


    • Absence not communicated before a practice or event


    • Non-school related absence from practice or event even if communicated.



    Merits To Be Announced

    • Additional opportunities and merit amount TBA (6th gr. Round-up, dances, etc.)



    8 Demerits

    • Leaving practice or event without permission


    • Late pick-up from practice or event (more than 15 minutes late)



    2 Demerits

    • Chewing gum at practice or game


    • Wearing jewelry to practice or game


    ·         Failure to bring supplies (poms, warm-up, etc.)


    • Failure to be in correct uniform (socks, bow, undergarments, etc.)

    10 Demerits

    • Cursing, gossiping, or spreading rumors


    • Lack of cooperation, respect towards the coach, peers, other adults in authority


    • Inappropriate behavior while representing the school (in or out of uniform)



    16 Demerits (for entire placement not per day)

    ·         ISSC or OSS placement and squad member may have to sit out the next game (multiple ISSC placements will result in removal from squad).



    4 Demerits

    ·         Tardy to practice or event


    • Not returning paperwork, money, or failure to comply with due dates


    • Public display of Affection at school or game


    • Non-school sponsored absence communicated prior to practice or event

    Automatic Removal

    • AEP Placement
    • Smoking, drinking, or drug use
    • Physical altercations with peers








    Appendix D: Informed Consent and Acknowledgment Agreement

    Cheer Only 

    Crownover Middle School Cheerleading Program


              Year of program:  2015-2016


    Cheerleading is a vigorous, physical activity involving motion, rotation and height in a unique environment and, as such, carries with it a higher than ordinary risk of injury. Be advised that serious catastrophic injury, paralysis or even death could occur particularly if a participant were to land on his/her head, neck, or back.


    I/We, __________________, parent and/or legal guardians of ___________________, who is a student at Crownover Middle School, voluntarily give my consent for our student to participate in the cheerleading program.


              It has been adequately explained to me that cheerleading is an activity which involves airborne inversion of the body and, therefore, has an increased potential for serious injury, paralysis, or even death.


              I understand that my daughter/son is required to be in good physical shape and condition and that the activities in which she/he will be asked to participate are strenuous and require physical and athletic agility. It has been fully explained to me that these activities include, but are not necessarily limited to, a variety of gymnastics maneuvers, including somersaults, back handsprings, and aerials; a variety of mounts, tosses, and stunts requiring coordination of more than one participant on the squad. I understand activities will not be confined to any one site or venue throughout the year.


              I represent to the school that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, my daughter/son has no physical, medical, or mental disability or other limitation that would restrict her/his ability to fully participate in this activity. I have been informed that my daughter/son must be examined by a physician prior to participation in this activity. I further agree to notify immediately the appropriate school personnel in the event of any change in my daughter’s/son’s health status.


              I agree to, and by signing this agreement, release the coaches, advisors, volunteers and staff of Crownover Middle School and the Board of Education from any claim of negligence brought forth by myself, my daughter/son, my heirs, executors, and designees, this includes any liability arising from claims for damages for injury to my son/daughter and any claims for loss of damages to her/his property which may arise out of her/his participation in this school sponsored program for the 2015-2016 academic year.


    In witness whereof, I/we have affixed our signatures to this agreement this ____ day of ______, 20_____, at Crownover Middle School.



    ______________________________________________              _________________________

    Parent/guardian signature                                                        Date


    ______________________________________________              _________________________

    Parent/guardian signature                                                        Date


    ______________________________________________              _________________________

    Cheerleader signature                                                              Date




    My daughter/son and I have read the Crownover Middle School Cheer Squad Constitution.  We agree to abide by the rules and regulations stated and understand the consequences if the rules are not followed.  I understand that decisions made related to the squad are made in the best interest of the team.  If a situation arises, then I will contact the coach privately and confidentially – not publicly - where my daughter is in an awkward position.  I fully understand the absentee rules, practices and performance expectations, and financial obligations.


    _______________________________                                  _______________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                                   Date



    I will do my best as a cheerleader to always set a positive example for the Crownover Middle School student body.  I plan to follow the rules set forth in the Cheer Squad Constitution and understand the consequences if I fail to adhere to the rules and regulations.  I will commit myself to attending all practices, fund-raisers, performances, and will always strive to have a positive attitude.  I will respect my coach and fellow team members at all times.  I understand this elite position of Crownover Middle School is an honor and will uphold my responsibilities as a member.


    ________________________________                                _______________

    Student Signature                                                                 Date




    I understand and consent to the responsibilities outlined in the District’s Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan.  I also understand and agree that my child, ______________________, shall be held accountable for the behavior and consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan at school, and at school-sponsored or school-related activities.  This shall include school-sponsored travel and any school-related misconduct, regardless of time or location.

              Students involved in extracurricular activities are held to a higher standard of conduct.  DISD views participation in extracurricular activities as a privilege, not a right.  I understand that any student who violates the Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan shall be subject to disciplinary action.  This includes any misconduct, regardless of time or location that would reflect upon representing DISD in an extracurricular activity.  Students involved in a major disciplinary infraction will be removed temporarily or permanently from extracurricular activities.



    ______________________________________           _______________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature                                                  Date



    ______________________________________           ______________________

    Student Signature                                                        Date


    __________________________________            _________________________         
    Assistant Principal                                                      Date
    ____________________________________          ______________________

    Coach                                                                            Date