• Zeros Aren’t Permitted (ZAP)


    The Guyer High School Zero’s Aren’t Permitted (ZAP) is a program which requires all Algebra I and 9th grade Biology students with missing assignments to stay after school one day per week to complete all work.


    Main Objectives:

    ·        Improve academic performance by students

    ·        Increase sense of responsibility for academic success

    ·        Develop better study habits and higher quality work

    ·        Increase communication between school and home


    How this will be done:

    ·        Provide students a “second chance” to turn in their work

    ·        Provide a supervised study time; Friday’s after school 3:50 – 5:30

    ·        Not allowing the students to “do nothing”

    ·        Place a higher expectation on student success

    How the program works:

    Step One: Student fails to turn in a homework, assignment and/or project. Teacher notifies the student that they have been ZAPPED. The student has the option of turning in the work BEFORE ZAP, by attending tutorials. If the student does attend, then the student does NOT need to attend ZAP. NOTE: Retest will need to be done in tutorials


    Step Two: The teacher will complete the ZAP form using the ZAP Database. All students will need to be ZAPPED by Wednesday at 4:00pm. Any student that is ZAPPED after that will be placed on the following week’s list. The Teacher will also need to give the assignment to the student and email it to an AP Administrative Assistant by Thursday 4:00pm. It is best to always give extra copies to the AP Administrative Assistant.

    UNZAPPED – in order for a student to be UNZAPPED the student will need to complete their work in their ZAP teacher’s tutorial. The teacher will have until 4:00 pm Friday to UNZAP a student. Students can only be UNZAPPED by the teacher.


    Step Three: On Thursday all ZAPPED students will be called to the Assistant Principals office. At that time the student will be officially notified that they will need to report to the ZAP room (Library) the next day, Friday. Students are expected to contact their parents to let them know that they have been assigned to ZAP and that transportation home will not be provided.


    Step Four: On Friday, teachers will receive a list of ZAPPED students. If the student is in their 4th block class then the teacher will need to escort the student to the Library at the bell.


    Step Five: The assignment will be returned to the teacher for a grade and quality review. The maximum amount of points that can be earned on a late assignment is 70% of the original point value. The assignment will be collected by the ZAP monitor and given to the AP Administrative Assistant who will place them in the teacher’s workroom box. The teacher will need to update their grades by Wednesday of the next week. NOTE: If the student finishes their work early, they will need to do homework or complete a TAKS packet. Students assigned to ZAP will be released at 5:30.



    If the student does not attend ZAP after being ZAPPED, then the below consequences will apply:

                1st Missed ZAP – Saturday School 4 hours

                2nd Missed ZAP – Saturday School 8 hours

                3rd Missed ZAP – ISSC



    We believe all students can achieve if pushed and encouraged to do so. We realize that for many students a zero is not an immediate consequence since most students who repeatedly receive zeros are those students who are struggling in school. This is just one more strategy to help a student experience more success in school. Preparing a student for post-secondary education and for life requires us to ensure each child knows the curriculum, and if a student is not completing assignments a teacher cannot possibly provide an accurate measure of that student’s knowledge.
Last Modified on September 2, 2010