• Team 6-1 Information Sheet


    Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! We are looking forward to an amazing year with your child. Below you will find the practices, procedures and expectations for the sixth grade at Navo Middle School. Please take a moment to read and review some general information with your student.



    The weekly agenda will be posted every Monday for the students to copy when they enter the classroom and will remain on the board through the end of the day on Friday. Students will be required to bring the agenda to every core class and use it as an organization tool and hall pass. We recommend that you check your child’s agenda periodically to ensure your student is staying current in class.


    Parent/Team Conferences

    Please contact the team leader to set up a parent conference with the team.  Our conference time is 10:15-11:00.



    Core teachers will have tutorials at least 1 day per week.  Tutorials should be scheduled with the teacher in advance.  Mandatory tutorials may be scheduled by teachers when necessary to prepare for reassessments. Parents will be notified of any scheduled mandatory tutorials and students will be required to attend. Please visit each teacher’s website for dates and times of tutorials.



    Students are expected to complete work by the time prescribed in the student handbook. Students who have been absent should write down the agenda and check the teacher designated area for make-up work for handouts or additional instructions. Students should also check teacher websites for any assignment details. Students are responsible for making arrangements with the teacher to take any missed assessments.


    Morning/Before School Expectations

    1.      Students who do not ride a bus will be dropped off at the north side of the building through the doors east of the bike rack.  Bus riders will enter through the academic wings.

    2.      Sixth grade students will proceed to their academic wings.  For students who eat breakfast, see #4.

    3.     While waiting for the school day to begin (8:15), students will work on school assignments or read a library book. For a conducive learning environment, students will remain on a CHAMPS voice level 0 until dismissal to lockers.

    4.     Students eating breakfast will walk directly to the cafeteria upon entering the building and then follow cafeteria procedures when finished.


    ID Policy

    Students are required to wear their student ID at all times.  The ID must be visible (i.e. on a lanyard, not clipped to pants pockets).  Students must not deface their ID in any way.  If the student’s picture is not visible or is defaced, the student will be required to purchase a new ID.  It is advised that parents purchase an extra ID for $4.00 for the student to keep in case an ID is lost.


    Tardy Policy

    A tardy may be recorded for any student who is not ready to begin class when the bell rings, whether they are in the room or not. Tardies, which accumulate on a nine week basis, will be handled separately from minor discipline infractions.  Tardies will be counted across their classes, so if a student is tardy 1st period and then again in 4th period with a different teacher, those will count as their first and second tardies.


    1st & 2nd tardy – Warning

    3rd - 7th tardy – Lunch detention on stage in the cafeteria

    8th & 9th tardy – 1 day of ISS

    10th tardy or more – Parent/student conference


    Discipline Policy:

    Navo Middle School has a school-wide Discipline Plan in order to empower students, teachers, parents, and administrators in proactive intervention strategies that are consistent and effective. Student detentions may be held before school or after school. Parents will be given notice for these situations and are responsible for providing transportation.

    Student discipline will be broken down into two categories: minor infractions (classroom disruption, disrespect, electronic devices without permission, etc.) and major infractions (fighting, endangering others including self, etc.). The following table details discipline for minor infractions (Reference the Navo Middle School Handbook for additional information).


    1st Offense

    Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense

    Written Warning, Parent Contact

    3rd Offense

    Written Warning, Parent Contact & Teacher Detention, Counselor Referral

    4th Offense and any after

    Office Referral, Parent Contact



    Each student will be given the option for a locker to use during the school year. If the student declines the option to have a locker, one will not be offered again for the remainder of the school year.  If a locker is chosen, we encourage students to utilize it for storage of their personal belongings.



    ·         Formative assessments (daily work, homework, etc.) and activities will not be graded; however, completion of formative assessments and activities will have a direct effect on comprehension and, therefore, summative grades, as well. Students are required to complete all formative assessments; consequences will be given for missing formative work.

    ·         Summative assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, bell work, etc.) will be graded. There are two types of summative grades.

    o   Major Summative – 60%

    o   Minor Summative – 40%


    Reassessment is permitted on any assignment, as long as the student has satisfied all of the teacher’s reassessment activities.

    Reassessment is required on all grades below 70%.

    **For additional information please go to https://www.dentonisd.org/parents



    Keeping Up-to-Date

    We offer numerous ways for parents to monitor what their students are learning in their classes and track how their students are progressing.


    Parents are strongly encouraged to check the weekly agendas on each teacher’s website or the student’s written agenda and sign up for a Home Access Center (HAC) account to monitor how your students are doing on each graded assignment and see their grades as soon as they are updated.  Make sure your contact information is up-to-date in Home Access Center, as this is the information teachers will use when contacting you.


    Individual teacher websites can be reached from the 6-1 Team website:


    6-1: https://www.dentonisd.org/Domain/4390


    Information about Home Access Center can be found: https://www.dentonisd.org/grades


    Team Contact


    Kaylyn Feemster (Overstreet) (Team Leader)  Reading           972-347-7528                kovertstreet@dentonisd.org  

    Tom Eberhart                                                  Science               972-347-7526               teberhart@dentonisd.org

    Amber Anchondo                                            Math                972-347-7527                aanchondo@dentonisd.org

    Cathy Rose                                                     English             972-347-7529                crose2@dentonisd.org

    Holly Kahle                                                   Social Studies       972-347-7530             hkahle@dentonisd.org                      

    DeLoach, Darenda                                Co-Teacher (English & Reading)                  ddeloach@dentonisd.org

    Dianne Hastings                                  Co-Teacher (Math)                                            dhastings@dentonisd.org                                                       

    Kristi Small                                         EXPO                          972-347-7574                ksmall@dentonisd.org



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