• AUP Training
    In Denton ISD every student must sign the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This policy is located inside of the district Code of Conduct which can be found here. In addition to signing the form, we ask that every student go through a short technology student orientation. Students new to GHS will go to the library to complete it after the first week of school.  

    Steps to Completing AUP verification and sign in


    Sign in using last year's password if you remember it.  If you don't, we will change it after you watch the video with either your class or the librarian staff.  Click here for the video in Spanish.

    Digital Citizenship Signature:

    https://www.dentonisd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1276 - Click Secondary in the top box, last on the right

    Turn It In log in – even if you have used it before, we have tried to clear out all the accounts so you will need to log in. You MUST use your Denton ISD provided email!  It is your id#@dentonstudent.org

    Go to www.turnitin.com

    Click Create Account in top right corner


    Click Student Under Create a New Account


    Use the information below for Class ID and Enrollment password. Again, use your district provided email for enrollment. Be sure to use your network password so that you will have a better chance of remembering it. Fill in the rest of the information; Click I Accept. On the next screen, log out please.

    Class ID - 5436119
    Enrollment Password - Wildcat1

     If you get a message that says your email is already in use, go to the Turn It In homepage, click Retrieve Password in the upper right hand corner, and fill in the requested information.  You can then go to your email to change your password.
    Remember, if you use any other email than your school email, your account will be deleted.

    Email log in:

    Go here for instructions and log in

    SkyDrive Log in:

    Click here for instructions and log in