The Wranglers Read Program


    What is the ‘Wranglers Read’ program?

    The Wranglers Read program is an optional reading incentive program designed to motivate and reward students for reading a variety of books. Students will not receive a grade for participating, and participation is not required.  Students who complete each card will receive a prize.  Students completing all four cards will participate in our Wranglers Read celebration at the end of the school year.

    How does it work?

    Students can access the Wranglers Read cards on the Library website. Each time the student reads a book in one of the genres, write the title of the book in that space. When the entire card is filled out, have a parent, guardian, or teacher sign the bottom and return the card to the library. Each time the student completes a card, he/she will receive a prize and advance to the next level. Completed cards will be kept in the library.

    Why are there specific reading genres on the card?

    Listing reading genres serves two purposes: it encourages students to use resources to find different kinds of books in the library, and it encourages them to read books about a wide variety of topics.

    Other important information:

    · You may read the books in any order on your card and choose any titles that fit the genres. The books may come from any source (our school library, public library, book fair, classroom, friends, home, etc.).

    · The cards should be signed only when they are completely filled out (before they are turned in to the library). Please do not sign cards until all the spaces on the card are completely filled in.

    · Each grade will have different genres on their Wranglers Read cards. There are four cards for each grade level.

    · Any book read by or to the student between May 30, 2022 and May 12, 2023 may count. (Even older students like to be read to every now and then!) Books used for other reading programs (Six Flags Reading, etc.) also can be used.

    · Books read in class, by teachers, by a librarian, for class assignments, or in a book club may also count.

    · The program ends on Friday, May 12, 2023. No new books or cards will be accepted after May 15.

    · Your card must be completely full and contain a parent, guardian, or teacher’s signature before you can turn it in. Partially completed or unsigned cards will not count.

    · Turn in your card in the library during your library class time or before/after school. You will get a new card on the next start date if you turned in your completed card.

    · Each book counts only once. You may not repeat the same book on two separate cards.

    IMPORTANT! Students are not allowed to turn in completed Wranglers Read cards until they have worked on the card for at least two weeks.  No cards will be accepted before that date has passed. This ensures that students are not racing through their books just to receive a prize.

     Read. Read. Read. 
    Just don't read one type of book.  
    Read different books by various authors so that you develop different styles. - R.L. Stine