• September 3, 2014




    Dear Parents and Ryan High School Golfers,


    Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year. We will compete in district 5 6-A this year, facing Denton Guyer, Keller, Keller Central, Keller Fossil Ridge, Keller Timber Creek, Northwest, and Northwest Nelson.


    At this point in time our practice sites will include Oakmont Country Club, Lantana, Timber Links, and TWU golf course. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to use these facilities.


    Players old enough to drive will be allowed to commute to practice each day. The remaining players will take a shuttle bus from Ryan to the practice facility. Players are responsible for transportation home from practice.


    Each player will report to the field house at the beginning of fifth block each day. Players will most likely already know where practice will be on that day, however things are always subject to change. Therefore, it is vital that we meet each day.


    Practice time will usually run between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Fridays will be the exception. Fridays will be set aside for learning about etiquette, rules, course management, and the physics of the game of golf. If a player is going to be late or absent from practice, I can be reached at 940-453-0246. My email address is zcrossland@dentonisd.org.


    As far as dress is concerned, jeans will not be allowed at any of the practice facilities. All players are required to bring a collared shirt, khaki shorts, and golf/tennis shoes. We represent our community, school and family at all times, so the proper attire should be worn with that in mind. Those who do not bring the proper attire will be sent home immediately or kept in the cart area to wait for a ride home.


    Tryouts will be held each semester. The only exception will be if a player has a problem with our Raider Standards. This semester by semester evaluation pushes each player to strive to become better as a player and an individual. Please read through this manual carefully. Once the player and the parent(s) have read everything, sign and return the last sheet to me. I look forward to meeting the parents and watching each player grow athletically, academically and personally.






    Zac Crossland

    Head Golf Coach

    Ryan High School






    Raider Standards



    Raider Golf is a semester by semester evaluation. In order to remain in the program athletes must show consistent progress and meet the coaching staff’s Raider Standards. Golfers must have good grades, attendance, attitude, work habits, and show improvements in their golf scores. The Raiders must also display honesty, especially in scorekeeping and good sportsmanship.


    • Golfers are expected to be loyal to their school, administration, teachers, coaches, teammates, families, friends, and have self-respect.
    • Golfers must pass each subject. Multiple failures could result in a change of schedule.
    • Sportsmanship is important to the development and success of each athlete.       Learning to handle victory and defeat is required. Honesty and character are also a vital part of the development of a golfer.
    • Athletes are welcome to work with instructors outside of school. If this is the case, lessons at regular intervals are recommended.
    • Becoming a member of a junior golf program will provide year round competition and experience.
    • Understand that you are an athlete in an athletic program. You will develop physical and mental toughness.       Learning to compete and recover after a bad shot is vital; never give up on a shot or round.       Learning to play and compete in harsh weather is important to the development of each Raider golfer.




      1. Be on time to class and practice.
      2. Practice begins at 3:30 p.m. if not earlier.
      3. Foul language will not be tolerated.
      4. Cheating/lying will not be tolerated.
      5. Players will behave like ladies and gentlemen when at the course or range.
      6. Understand your role-you are a team player, not a star, not the coach.




      1. Coach/player conference

      2. Coach/parent conference

      3. Change of schedule

      4. Severe violations will result in an immediate schedule change




      1. Collared shirt to be worn at all practices.
      2. Khaki pants, shorts, or wind pants. No cargo shorts/pants.
      3. Golf or tennis shoes.
      4. Always tuck in your shirt.
      5. Always wear a belt.




    • You are responsible for all missed assignments.
    • Gather missed assignments before we leave.
    • You are accountable for your grades, not your teacher.
    • Grades will be monitored frequently.


      Substance Abuse:


      The use of illegal drugs, including alcohol and steroids of any kind will not be tolerated. While these things may be offered to you at some point in your high school career it is important to remember that athletes are held to high standards. Participating in athletics gives students a chance to focus and become disciplined enough to make the right decisions on their own. Players caught using drugs or alcohol may be suspended or removed from the team.



      The Raider Standards are meant to produce not only better golfers, but clean, disciplined young men and women. Our goal is to provide a program that teaches players to grow in all aspects of life through values based actions. Those who follow all guidelines will benefit far more than anticipated. For the good athlete with sound morals, self-discipline, and character, this environment is designed to benefit him or her. For the young man or young woman who merely wants to act like an athlete, the environment will help them see the need to seek another program. The Raider Standards will eliminate the person who is a problem in the classroom, who won’t follow instructions, who does not want to work out on a strenuous, consistent basis, who is not responsible for his/her own actions and actions which affect the group. This includes one with academic problems who is continually letting the team down, and may need to concentrate more heavily on academics.


      What you can expect from your coaches:


      Loyalty to you in all areas. We will assist you in practicing with a purpose and to help you develop a routine. We will assist you in any way possible after you graduate, and help you find golf scholarships for college if the ability and achievement level are of high caliber. We will trust you as a young adult and to nurture and respect you as such. To make all decisions predicated on what is best for the team, and then what is best for the individual. To help you develop physically and mentally and learn how to overcome adversity. To help you develop a positive attitude and self image. To help you set goals and develop work habits that will help you become successful in life.



      Athlete Expectation Verification & Travel Permission Sheet



      Player’s Name _________________________________________________

                                                                  (please print)


      I have read the expectations for the Raider Golf Program.

      I understand that only repeated and consistent compliance in regard to these expectations will result in my team membership remaining intact. I also will not be removed from the athletic period for golf, thereby maintaining the opportunity to qualify for future tournaments.


      ______________________________________________     ____________

                              (player’s signature)                                                                   (date)


      Please note as well that my child has my permission to travel to the practice sites for the Ryan High Golf team by means of one or more of the following:

      With the following Names (First and Last) in Print.

      1.a. _________________________________________________________

      1.b. _________________________________________________________

      1.c. _________________________________________________________

      1.d. _________________________________________________________


      Please write YES or NO for one or more of the following:

      1. My child may leave during 5th block (after checking in) to go home during bad weather days. ___________
      2. My child may be released during 5th block to practice at his/her golf club through membership. __________
      3. My child may drive his/her own vehicle to practice sites. _________
      4. My child may ride the shuttle bus to practice. _________
      5. Other means: ______________________________________________.


      *Changes can be made in a letter at anytime during the school year addressed to Coach Zac Crossland.






      (parent or guardian signature)



      Please return completely signed to Coach Crossland ASAP


      Practice Schedule




    • Bring practice attire to the locker room in the morning.
    • Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
    • Practice at Oakmont (A-days only). Short game work.
    • Practice at Timber Links (B-days only).



    • Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
    • Practice at Lantana Golf Club (limit-8).
    • All others to practice at TWU or Timber Links



    • Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
    • Practice at Oakmont CC.



    • Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
    • Practice at Timber Links.



      1. Etiquette, rules, instruction, and course management.



      Off-Season Practice Schedule



      For the last two years we have taken advantage of an official “off-season.” As a year-round sport it is important to take time away from the game to allow each player to fall in love with the sport again. Once the fall season comes to a close, the team will continue to practice 2 days a week on the course. The rest of the week will be designated for a workout program. Once the spring season begins in February, the team will continue the regular practice schedule.



      1. Bring practice attire to the locker room in the morning.
      2. Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
      3. Practice at Oakmont (A-days only). Short game work.
    • Practice at Timber Links (B-days only).



      1. Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
      2. Strength Training



      1. Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
      2. Practice at Oakmont CC.



      1. Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
      2. Strength Training



      1. Dress out at 3:10 p.m.
    • Conditioning



      “Great Players”

      By Tim Kraft


      What separates the good players from the great players? Good players are players who watch and listen to great players, hoping to someday be like them – be as great as them.


      Great players are players who at some point in their journey just decide in their heart and mind that they ARE great. They see themselves on the big stage, making the great plays, sinking the great shots, playing superbly under pressure. With every move they make, and every thought they think, they imagine greatness – feel greatness – see greatness – become greatness.


      It is at this point when you stop “hoping” to become a great player, and become open to the possibility that you ARE great, that your true potential begins to develop. Great players and performers didn’t become great when they finally made the major leagues, got on the PGA tour, or played Carnegie Hall. They became great when they allowed themselves to truly envision themselves doing great things.


      Once you begin to see and envision yourself in this way, greatness follows. You don’t hope for greatness anymore, you become greatness.


      Games and Drills for Golf Practice




    • Play 21 on the practice green. Earn 5 points for a make, 1 point if you are short of the cup, but closer than the opponent. Earn 2 points if you are even or past the cup and closer than the opponent.       Any make is canceled by the opponent also making an ace or by any non-conceded missed putt.
    • Four coin game or drill: Place 4 coins 3 feet from the cup surrounding it. Using 4 balls, you must make 16 three footers in a row or start over. Can be made into a match or simply a drill.
    • Around the world in 8 tees: Place 8 tees from 2 to 4 feet from the cup. You must make 8 in a row or start the circle over. Can be a practice drill or a game between 2-3 players.
    • 3-6-9: Make putts from 4 sides of the hole – 3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet away.
    • Distance Drill: Place 4 balls at equal distances apart. The last one can be as far as the green is big. Use 3 other balls and putt 1st to the farthest ball, then the next, and thirdly to the nearest ball. Work on distance control. Try this now or originally with the eyes closed.
    • Drawback: Played with one ball to several different holes. The object is to not leave your putts short. The putt must be even or past the middle of the hole. If the ball stops short you must draw your ball back one club length and continue. Can be a drill or a game. Remember, the putt won’t fall unless it gets to the hole!


      Practice Range Drills


    • Feet Together. Hit mid irons with 75% effort to work on balance.
    • Feet Together with right foot next to and behind the left and follow the same procedure as above.
    • Railroad Tracks: Use two clubs, one across the toes and one outside ball parallel to each other.       Even as the Pros do, check your alignment so that you’re neither open nor closed in your setup.
    • Over the Top: Use a head cover or a shoebox of sand. Hit balls with the object 1 inch away. If you hit the object, you’re coming over the top and either pulling shots or slicing across the ball.


      Playing a Round


    • Birdies, Polies, Greenies, Sandies: Play a round and earn points for making birdies. Also earn points for putts made from at least the length of the flag stick from the cup to your ball. And earn points for hitting greens in regulation or getting up and down from the sand.
    • Intra-Squad Ryder Cup Matches.
    • Best Ball
    • Alternate shot. (recommended for off season only)
    • Scramble. (recommended for off season only)



      Information and Helpful Numbers


      Instruction and Information:


      Oakmont Country Club                                                           940.321.5599

      Craig Pullen    


      Lantana Golf Club                                                                   940.728.4653

      Ed Garland


      Denton Country Club                                                              940.387.2812

      David Foster


      Texas Women’s University Golf Club                                      940.898.3163


      United States Golf Association                                                            www.usga.org



      Coach Crossland                                                                      940.369.3220 – room

                                                                                                      940.369.3180 – FH office

                                                                                                      940.453-0246 - cell



      Coach Tiemeier                                                                        dtiemeier@dentonisd.org

                                                                                                  940.369.3170 - room



      Tournament Recording and Academic Information


      Keep a record of your tournament scores here for easy access to averages and academic standing. This will enable you, parents, counselors, and coaches’ quick access for colleges inquiring about you as a potential student and/or student/athlete.


      Date                 Tournament Name                   Course                                     Score


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________


      _______   _______________________   _______________________   _____________



      Dates               G.P.A.                          S.A.T.                          A.C.T.


      _______   _____________   _________________   ________________


      _______   _____________   _________________   ________________


      _______   _____________   _________________   ________________


      _______   _____________   _________________   ________________