• DISD E-Mail on iPhone / iPad


    **At this time, for security reasons, the district recommends using the Microsoft Outlook app to access your email from your mobile device.

    **You will need to delete your DISD Exchange account if you had previously set email up on your device.

    The following directions were created on an iPhone running iOS 12.1.2 while connected to the DISD wireless network. Your device must have iOS 10.0 or higher to install the app.

    Installing the Microsoft Outlook APP:

    • Connect to the DISD wireless network with your DISD username and network password (if you are installing from a different wireless network you may need the Server and domain name - Server: outlook.office365.com Domain: dentonisd)
    • Click the App Store Icon
    • Search for Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook App

    • Install the App
    • Open the App once it has finished installing
    • Click Add Account
    • Type in your full Denton ISD email address
    • Type in your network password
    • Click Sign In
    • Click Maybe Later to install another account
    • You can skip or read the Outlook information
    • You have the option to Enable Notifications
    • Once the email opens you will see three icons at the bottom of the screen


    • Envelope - Takes you to your inbox
    • Search - Type in a word, phrase or name you are trying to find in your email
    • Calendar - Takes you to your calendar
    • Click the three lines in the top left corner to see any folders you have created
    • You will also see a cog wheel at the bottom of this screen which will take you to your settings



    The second option and less prefered method to install your DISD email is listed below:

    Setting up your email to use the native email application on your phone. 

    • Click the Settings icon on the iPhone or iPad
       Settings Icon      

    • Click Wi-Fi and check to see that you are logged into DISD
    • On the Settings page scroll down and click on Passwords & Accounts
    • Scroll down and select Add Account
    • Click Exchange
    • On the Exchange page type in
      • Email - Your DISD email address
      • Description - How you want the name to appear in your list of email accounts: Example: DISD
      • Click Next in the top right corner
      • Click Sign In
      • Type in your Disd Network Password
      • Click Sign IN
    • Setting Email preferences:
      • Mail - ON (you will see green by the button if it is on)
      • Contacts - OFF (If left on you will sync close to 4,000 contacts)
      • Calendars - ON
      • Reminders - ON
      • Notes - Optional
      • Click Save
         Exchange E-Mail Settings    
    • Click the Email icon
         E-Mail Icon    
    • You will now see your DISD email as one of your email accounts
         DISD E-Mail Account    
    • Click on your DISD Account to go to the inbox (If your mailbox is large it may take time for everything to load the first time)