• Discipline Procedures 

    Failure to Complete Assignments and/or Assessments: 
    Students who fail to complete assignments may receive any or all of the following consequences.
    • Teacher/Student Conference
    • Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
    • Parent Contact
    • Lunch/Team Detention
    • Loss of ticket(s)
    • Tuesday night detention- TBA
    • Thursday night detention- TBA
    • Saturday School- TBA
    Failure to Reassess a Mandatory Reassessment:
    If students choose not to complete all of the assigned components of the reassessment process, thus prohibiting his/her ability to reassess, discipline consequences will be issued.  This helps to curtail the behavior preventing the student from academic success. Additional failures to complete required work for reassessment purposes, whether it is for one subject or multiple subjects, will result in further disciplinary action, per administrator decision.