8th Grade - Personal Graduation Plans -Transitioning to High School

    The counseling team will be meeting with all 8th grade students this semester to begin the process of transitioning from middle school to high school. This will involve each student developing a high school 4 year plan also known as a Personal Graduation Plan or a PGP. It is important to know that this is a very fluid process. The PGP can, and probably will, change before your student graduates from high school. However, we want our students to begin planning and preparing for their futures by learning more about themselves through the exploration of their strengths, goals and interests. This is a multi-step process that will take place over the course of the 8th grade year.  
    • October 11-12 - StrengthsExplorer and Career Exploration in Naviance
    • October 24-28 - 8th Grade Guidance to explore Endorsements and Choose Careers
    •                       HS Endorsements
    • November 16 - 6 pm - 7:30 pm - Parent Presentation on Endorsements and 4 Year Planning 
    •       9th Grade Course Registration and 4 Year Planning (Spanish) video
    •                              La inscripción al curso de 9º grado y planificación de 4 años video
    •                              High School Presentation (PowerPoint)

    • November 30 - 8th Grade Field Trip to ATC
    • December 1&2 - Presentation on 4 Year Planning and completion of paper 4 yr plans, including 9th grade course selection - 4 YEAR PLANS GO HOME FOR PARENT SIGNATURES TO BE RETURNED Friday, Dec. 9.
    • December 5 - HS Career Counselors review 4 year plans for accuracy and sequencing. Individual students will be pulled from classes only as needed to make corrections.
    • December 8&9 - Students will enter 4 year plans into Naviance with the 9th grade year of the plan being the student's course choices for the 2016/17 school year
    • February 6 - High School Transition Night at all high schools
Last Modified on November 17, 2016