• Medications at School
    To promote a safe and healthy school environment, and to support the "drug-free" philosophy of the District, our medication administration practices seek to minimize as much as possible the amount of medicines brought to our campuses each day. This protective attitude regarding medication allows secondary students to bring/take only those medications that are essential to their health and ability to function well and safely at school.
    Secondary (high school) students with parent consent, may carry small (limited to a one or two day's supply) amounts of nonprescription, over-the-counter medicines, such as aspirin, acetaminophen and the like, and self-administer according to the directions on the container labeled with his or her name.
    All medicines brought to District campuses must be in the original properly labeled container, with the student's name, without regard as to whether it is prescription, over-the-counter, or self- or other-administered.
    Herbal preparations, anabolic steroids, dietary supplements of any type, vitamins, weight reduction, muscle building and performance enhancing aids are not considered essential during school hours/activities and are not allowed to be taken during those times unless administered by a parent.
    Medications (including over-the-counter, dietary/herbal supplements of any type, and anabolic steroids) may not be shared with other students under any circumstances. Any violations of these standards are considered infractions subject to consequences outlined in the Student Code of Conduct/Discipline Management Plan.
Last Modified on January 30, 2015