• Office 365 - Shared Calendars

    Log into your Office 365 using your DISD email address.
    • (You can go to www.dentonisd.org, click the Staff tab, then click Office 365 Email)
    • After you type your DISD full email address, press the Enter key
          ***If you are logging in from a mobile device or off DISD network, you will get a log in screen asking for your DISD username and DISD network password
    • This will take you to the home screen in Office 365
          Office Apps  
    •   Click the Calendar Tile  
    •   Right click over either My Calendars or Other Calendars and select Open Calendar
          My calendar
    • Type in the calendar name or the beginning of the calendar name you are searching for then click Search contacts and directory. 
                                open calendar
    •  A drop down list will appear with all the calendars that begin with the name you partially typed in. 
          Open calendar
    • Click on the calendar that you want to open, then click Open 
          Open Calendar
    •  If you have been given rights to view the calendar you opened, you will see the calendar along with your calendar or any other calendars that you are currently viewing. If you only want to view one calendar, remove the check marks beside any calendar that you have currently added
          Other calendars