• AP Statistics Spring Study Sessions

    For the final 6-weeks of the year you will be doing study work for the AP Exam.  Even those of you who are not taking the AP exam will be required to complete the material.  There are four study sessions and each one will count as a test grade.  Hence, all of your test grades for this final grading period are to be done on your own.

    1.  Print out the pages for the study session.
    2.  Sign in at the top of the page using your school login information.
    3.  Click on the survey link to be directed to the videos.  You will be required to submit information verifying that you have indeed watched the videos.
    4.  Follow along with the videos and write down everything I do.
    5.  Staple the pages together, put your name on it, and submit it for a grade.
    WARNING:  DO NOT wait until the night before to do these.  Each one will take 2-3 hours to complete so I recommend doing them over the course of a few days.  EACH DAY THEY ARE LATE I WILL DEDUCT 5 POINTS.  As long as you are responsible and do these on time, you will have a 100 for the last 6-weeks.

Last Modified on July 4, 2018