• Skype for Business - Search for Users & Create a Group

    •  In Skype for Business click in the box that says Find someone.

    Find someone on the Contacts View  
    • You can search by First name, Last name, or username.
    • When you see the contact that you are searching for right click the staff members name and select Add to Contacts List then you should be able to select a Contact List that you have setup or you can select Other Contacts.


    Add a Contact Icon


    • In order to create a group, click on the Add a contact icon while on the Contacts view. 
    • Select Create a New Group 
    • Input the name of the group you are creating. 
    • If you would like to add new contacts to your new group then follow the steps above for searching and adding a new contact.
    • If you decide to rename your group find your group name in the list and right click and select Rename Group
    • Type the name that you are changing the group to