• Skype for Business - Desktop / Program Sharing

     Share your desktop or program with someone:

    • Open Skype for Business, (Microsoft Programs) in your Contacts list, double click a contact's name. 
    • The user you want to share your desktop with must be signed into Skype for Business.   
    • At the bottom of the conversation window, point to the presentation icon.
          Bottom of the Conversation Window
    • After clicking on the Present button, choose either Present Desktop or Present Programs. **Important - When sharing your desktop, everyone can see your programs, files and notifications. Please close out of confidential information you do not want others having access to.    
    • On the Sharing toolbar, you can click Stop Presenting or Give Control  to share your desktop or program.
             Sharing Toolbar
              **If you have two monitors, you can share either the primary or secondary monitor, while utilizing the other monitor for your          presenter notes.