Archive, Export, and Importing Your Email

  • Archive Your Email
  • Export Your Email
  • Import Your Email
  • What's the difference between Archive and Export? 


    Moves the older items out of your mailbox using the settings that you selected into an archive.pst file which you can open from your Outlook client. You will no longer be able to find these items in your active inbox. You will only be able to open this file from within Outlook to find the items that you moved to your archive file. 


    You can export your e-mail, mail folders, personal contacts, calendar and appointments, tasks, notes, and additional content from Outlook 2013 into a .pst file. You can open or import this file back into your mailbox.  This would be helpful to you if your mailbox had become corrupt or you deleted files that you wanted to recover. This file can only be opened or used within Outlook. Anyone with an Outlook account could import this file into their mailbox if you give them access to your file. If you had someone taking over your position and they need access to your email this would be one way to share your e-mail, contacts, and calendar items. Please remember if any of your information is confidential to follow any regulations to protect that information