• Uploading files and folders to OneDrive


    If you are backing up your computer and want to put your items in OneDrive, follow the steps below for the simplest method.


    1. Create a folder on your Desktop (right-click on the desktop, select New, then Folder) and name it “Backup 2019”, or whatever naming scheme is easiest for you.



          2. Following the directions on our Self Help Desk, put the items you want to save into the “Backup” folder you created in step 1.

          3. Log in to Office365 through the SSO, Managed Bookmarks or District website.

          4. Once logged in, click on the OneDrive button.


          5. From here click on the Upload button along the top and select Folder.


          6. Select Desktop on the left and then click on your “Backup” folder. Click Upload.



    Alternatively, you can upload each file and folder individually using steps 3-5 but obviously it would be a more laborious procedure depending on the amount of files and folders you have to backup.


    *NOTE - The backup may take some time depending on the size of the files and folders you are uploading.