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    Medical Release Form - (used when you are ready to return to work)

    Maternity Leave Frequently Asked Questions




    1. Does Denton ISD offer “Maternity/Paternity Leave”?


    A. DISD uses the FMLA for Maternity Leave.  Employees are eligible to take FMLA leave if they have worked for their employer for at least 12 months, and have worked for at least 1,250 hours over the previous 12 months. If both parents are DISD employees and are eligible for FML, then the FML time off is limited to a combined total of 12 weeks and runs concurrently with any other leave.


    2.  What is FMLA?


    A.  FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act, which is an unpaid leave regulated by the US Department of Labor.  If you qualify for FMLA, you are able to take up to 12 work weeks of leave due to the birth of a baby. 


    3.  What forms do I need to complete?


    A.  About 1 month before your anticipated delivery date, complete the Request for FMLA form.  This form can be found on the district website, under the Risk Management department tab.  There is a FML packet available there that will give you all the information you need as well as the form to complete.  Send this completed request form to Phyllis Klein and she will get your request processed and contact you with further information.  The direct link for the webpage is: https://www.dentonisd.org/Page/46491


    4.  Does DISD give paid maternity leave?


    A.  FMLA is an unpaid leave.  The only way you get paid when out on any type of leave is if you have the days accumulated to be paid either through state, local or vacation days.  Denton ISD does require an employee to use all compensable time they have to run concurrent with their FML.  For Example -  if you have 20 days accumulated and choose to take off the full 60 days of FML, the first 20 days will be paid to you using your compensable time with the balance of the 40 days being unpaid.


    5.  Can the employer count leave taken due to pregnancy complications against the 12 weeks of FMLA leave for the birth and care of my child?


    A.  Yes. An eligible employee is entitled to a total of 12 weeks of family medical leave in a 12-month period. If the employee has to use some of that leave for another reason, including a difficult pregnancy, it may be counted as part of the 12-week FMLA leave entitlement.


    6.  Can I take off work longer than the 12 weeks if I want a longer maternity leave?


    A.  No.  Once your doctor releases you, there is no additional time off, paid or unpaid, beyond the 12 weeks.


    7.  I have Disability Insurance, how does this affect my leave?


    A.  Disability Insurance is a pay supplement benefit, not a leave, therefore they are completely separate.  To determine if you have the disability benefit and what the procedures are, contact the Insurance Department at 940-369-0028.