• 2018 Cross Country Meet Schedule

    All Cross Country meets are held at North Lakes Park and begin at 4:00 pm. Distances races will be run in the following order:
    7th Grade Girls A & B 1 mile
    7th Grade Boys A & B 1.5 miles
    8th Grade Girls A & B 1.5 miles
    8th Grade Boys A & B 2 miles
    *** The A team consists of the top 7 runners. The B team consists of all other athletes who meet the time requirement.***
    Wednesday, November 7th(make-up date Nov 8)
    Strickland, Navo, Calhoun, Myers, Little Elm 
    Harpool, Crownover, Lake Dallas, McMath, and Rodriguez 
    Wednesday, November 14th(make-up date Nov 15)
     Harpool, Strickland, Calhoun, Myers, Lake Dallas 
     Navo, Crownover, Little Elm, Rodriguez, and McMath 
    Wednesday, November 28th(make-up date Nov 29)
    District Meet: All Denton ISD schools plus Little Elm and Lake Dallas 
    Cross Country Awards
    A and B Team Divisions:
    1st through 10th place will be awarded ribbons
    11th through 15th will be awarded participation ribbons
    MS District Meet:
    A Team Divisions:
    1st place team trophy, 1st-3rd individual medals, 4th-15th individual ribbons
    B Team Divisions:
    1st-10th awarded ribbons, 11th-15th awarded participation ribbons
    *** When your child is finished running their race they are allowed to sign out and go home with a parent, or they can ride the bus back to McMath and be picked up from school.