• New Computer/Reimage - Importing Files, Bookmarks & Printer Set-up

    After receiving a new desktop or laptop computer as well as having your computer reimaged, the following will assist you in setting your computer up with your personal files, browser bookmarks, software and printers. If you are on a laptop you will need to hardwire the laptop into the Denton ISD network the first time you log in on it.


    • Log into the computer with your District credentials.
    • Pin your favorite programs to the Start Menu or Task Bar for easy access. (The start menu pops up when you click the Microsoft Start Button. The Task Bar is across the bottom of your screen)
      • Click the Microsoft Start Button.


      • Scroll through your programs list.
      • Right click over the software you want to pin and select either Pin to Start or go to More and select Pin to taskbar.
      • In this example, we chose Outlook. You can only select one location at a time. If you want the sofware in both locations, go back to the software and right click again and select the other location.

    Pin App

    • TIP: You can locate and open any program or file by clicking the Start Button and typing in the software name or part of the name that you are looking for into the search bar.    

         Launching Outlook            

    • Click on the Outlook icon to launch the program.                             
    • The message on the Outlook blue screen, Preparing Outlook for the first use with the percentage will appear. Once Outlook has retrieved your mailbox, Outlook will open.
    • You may be prompted to close out and restart Outlook several times. Please do this!
    • Once you have opened Outlook, you will see it updating parts of your mailbox on the bar at the bottom. The example below shows that Outlook is currently updating the calendar. The larger your mailbox, the longer this may take to update all folders, calendars and tasks.             
    • Once all folders have synced, the message This folder is up to date appears.
                    Up todate  

        Importing Favorites / Bookmarks

    • Internet Explorer (Only needed if you use IE)
      • Open the Internet Explorer web browser.
      • Click the Star icon.
      • Click Expand Icon.
      • Scroll down and select Import and export.

           Import Explorer

      • Select Import from a file.
      • Click Next.
      • Click Favorites.
      • Click Next.
      • Browse to your Internet Explorer Backup File.
      • Double Click on the backup file.
      • Click Next.
      • Click Import.
      • Click Next.
      • Click Finish.


    • Chrome (* Log into the Chrome Browser with your DISD @g account. You should still see all your favorites. If not, please do the following)
      • Open the Chrome web browser.
      • Click the Chrome Menu in the top-right corner of the browser window. (the three small black dots)
      • Select Bookmarks.
      • Click Import bookmarks and settings...


      • Select Bookmarks HTML File from the drop-down.
      • Click Choose File.
      • Locate and click on your backup Chrome file.
      • Click Open.
      • Click Done.


    • Firefox (only needed if you use Firefox)
      • Open the Firefox web browser
      • Click the View history, saved bookmarks, and more button in the top right corner
      • Click on Bookmarks and select Show All Bookmarks
      • On the toolbar in the Library window, click the Import and Backup button 

        Import and Backup

      • Select Import Bookmarks from HTML.
      • Browse to your Firefox backup file and click on it.
      • Click Open.
      • Close the Library window.
      • The bookmarks in the selected HTML file will be added to your Firefox bookmarks within the Bookmarks director.


    Installing Printers

      • Click the Microsoft Start Button in the lower left corner.                             
      • Type "Control Panel" in the Cortana search field and click on Control Panel.
      • Click on Devices and Printers in the Control Panel.
      • Click Add a printer.
      • Click the printer that I want isn't listed at the bottom of the Add printer window.
      • Select Find a printer in the directory, based on location feature.
      • Click Next.
      • Type in the campus name.
        • Note: It may take a few seconds for all the printers to load before you can type.
        • Note: Campuses will be abbreviated. Ex. Pro, Sav, DHS etc.
      • Click the Find Now button.
      • All the printers for that campus will appear in the window (If you typed out the campus name and no printers appear in the window change the campus name to the campus initials. Example: Ryan High School would be RHS)
      • Scroll through the list of printers and double click on the printer you want to install.
      • A pop-up window will appear as the drivers are installing. After the drivers finish installing click Next.
      • If you want this to be your default printer leave the box checked that says Set as the default printer. If you don't want this printer to be your default printer remove the check mark.

      Default Printer

      • Click the Finish button.


              Installing Software

      • Go to the Software Center to install any needed software.
      • Click the Microsoft Start button and type Software Center in the search field. Click the Software Center to open it.
      • The applications can be sorted using the drop-down menu.


      • Click on an application to view a brief description of the software and any requirements.
      • Click the INSTALL button for any software you need to install.
      • Once the install button is clicked, the software installs automatically. You will see the progress of the software as it installs
      • After the software has finished installing, the software should now show as installed.
      • The software is now available through the Windows Start menu.

              Importing My Documents / Files from Backup

      • This is only needed if you created a backup file.
      • In the following steps you will be moving the files from your backup location to the corresponding folder on your desktop.
      • Open your backup files location - minimize and move to the side.

        File Explorer
      • In a separate window, click the Windows 10 File Explorer located in the task bar or in the applications tiles.
      • Double Click the (C:) drive in the left-hand windows pane.
      • Double Click on Users.
      • Double Click the folder with your username. This is the folder you will move the items to from your backup file.
      • Open the corresponding folders from your backup and your desktop.
      • Drag the items from your backup to your desktop folder. You should see the items start to copy over or
      • Right click the selected items from your backup and copy, go to your desktop folder, right click and paste.
      • Verify all items copied over.
      • Repeat this process for each of the folders / items in your backup location.