• Microsoft Office - Personal Copy for Home Install

    There are two methods that you can install Microsoft Office on your home computer or personal device.
    You are able to download a free "work at home" copy of Office 365, however, this software will go into a reduced-functionality mode when you leave the school district or you do not connect to the internet every 30 days. What this means is that documents can be viewed, but it will not be possible to edit or create new documents. Additionally, online services associated with the school email address, for example, Office Online and OneDrive, will no longer work.
    The second way is to purchase a downloadable copy of Microsoft Office from the Microsoft Web store for $14.95. This copy will belong to you and you will not lose access when you leave the district. You can also purchase the Windows Operating System, as well as other discounted software. We will cover both options below.

    **Please note that Denton ISD is NOT able to provide support when installing this software on your personal device due to the massive number of unique, individual configurations.