• Dell Premier Tutorial Videos

    • Saving EQuote

      These videos are pretty straight forward and, provided there are no internal site issues, should assist you in completing your desired task each time. That being said, we are still finding glitches within the site. Here are a few we have identified and are working to correct along with some known remedies. 
    1. Tax Exemption Certificate not found - We are tax exempt and when Accounts Payable is selected as the "Bill To", it should automatically recognize the Tax Exemption Cert on file, but sometimes you will encounter this:


    2. When you select to add items to your cart, but nothing is being put into your cart - This occurs when you search for an item in the search bar (the item may or may not show up) and you are asked to select a Manufacturer (Dell), a product Family (of the printer for which you are purchasing items) and then the model. After following these steps, you should be able to add items for that printer to your cart/eQuote. We are not sure why the extra steps are coming up, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. Just follow the prompts and if you still have problems, please call me. 

                                                 Choose Brand

                                            Product Family  

                                             Choose Model
                               If you have any questions please contact Megan Holzer at: mholzer@dentonisd.org 
                               Phone: 940-369-0109