• Schools teach children the tree R's - Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  As parents, it is our role to teach the most important "R" "RESPONSIBILITY."  Working as partners, schools and parents can encourage the development of responsibly, but the development must begin and nurtured in the home.

    "The best way to destroy self-esteem and a sense of worth in young people is to do too much for them."

    H. Stephen Glenn

     Responsibility must be learned by experience.  It can only grow and develop through the following:

    • Given opportunities for responsibility and decision making
    • Receiving appropriate feedback
    • Learning from mistakes (This includes having information about alternatives that are appropriate, acceptance from others, and being allowed to experience the consequences of one's actions or decisions.)

    Kindergarten through grade 3:

    • Teach organization and time management skills
    • Have a set time and place for homework that you and your child decide on together
    • Encourage children to do work before play (although it is ok to allow them a short break/breather after school.
    • Teach problem solving skills

    Grades 4 and 5:

    • Continue teaching time management skills by helping children learn to divide a large project into smaller steps and plan what is needed to complete the project
    • Teach children to schedule their day starting with amount of time needed to get ready in the morning, school time, and after school activities, homework, chores, and personal time.
    • Allow child to experience "natural" consequences of getting a bad grade when homework is not turned in on time.  Parents should not do homework for the child!

    Positive Words for Parents - Words for Listening Well:

    • Tell me more...
    • That's interesting
    • How do you feel about that?
    • How can I help?

    Positive Words for Parents - Words for Encouraging:

    • You should be really proud of that.
    • You put a lot of effort into that.
    • Way to go! you're hard work paid off!
    • You're really good at that.

    Positive Words for Parents - Words that Affirm Character:

    • You're a considerate person.
    • You really stick with the projects you start.
    • You take care of _______ so well.
    • You're hard work is paying off.