Inform Yourself About Bullying



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Inform Yourself About Bullying

We teach students to first identify the differences between conflict and bullying. If it is conflict, we focus on conflict resolution, as this is a life-long skill that students will need. Conflict is a natural part of interaction, and the better a student/person is equipt to handle it, the better their chances of creating successful social interactions with others. If it is bullying, we focus on knwoing where and who to go for help and how to handle it. Please report all cases of bullying.



If you need to report bullying, please complete the Denton ISD Bully Report Form and submit it to the counselor, the assistant principal, or the principal.

Stop Bullying Now


      It is bullying if

  • It is deliberate, hurtful behavior
  • It is repeated over a period of time
  • It is difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves

     What bullying looks like

  • Mean
  • Brags about being tough
  • Cheats
  • Frightens other
  • Breaks things
  • Embarrasses and/or harasses others
  • Humiliates
  • Hurt’s other’s feelings
  • Insults, intimidates, ignores others
  • Makes up lies about others
  • Hits, kicks, pushes, taunts, yells

 What to do when a student comes you

  • Listen carefully
  • Be patient
  • Be sympathetic
  • Let the student know that you believe what he/she is telling you
  • Ask the student if he/she has any ideas for changing the situation
  • Ask the student if he/she wants your help
  • Offer specific suggestions and follow through with it

     Consequences for Bullying

  • First Offense – Teacher
  • Second Offense – Counselor
  • Third Offense - Office

Bullying Happens
Last Modified on December 20, 2016