• CIP Process 
    Explore the pages of the Campus Improvement Planning website to get a feel for our philosophy to campus planning, which is based on the work of Stephen Covey and his Wildly Important Goals (WIGs). At the bottom of the overview page, there are links a few good [short] videos that reflect our prior training. Ideally, campuses have one academic goal and one “social” goal. Thankfully, we’ve gotten away from the old, “We will increase our STAAR scores from 71% to 100% by June.” In Denton ISD, our students, teachers, principals, and schools are more than a number.

    I’ve outlined our current Comprehensive Needs Assessment Process. Check it out, but know we’ll be modifying the CNA Process to reflect the communitywide values we are currently assessing, which will take us into the Fall semester.

    Find our 2016-17 CIPs online if you want to get a feel for what last year's plans look like. 

    I've created a new CIP walk-through video to guide you through the 2015-16 Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) template. Check it out at https://youtu.be/20wXSIOXMSU
    The Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) requires activities in the campus improvement plan that address deficiencies identified on the campus system safeguards report.

    To view this walk-through video, click https://youtu.be/KJBE80SLLf4.

    System Safeguards requires:

    • Group size >= 25;
    • Percent of students meeting standard > 60%


    system safeguards