Hello, Parents!

       Beginning this school year, 2018 -2019, the following grading policy will be in effect:

    1. Students receiving a 90 or higher have demonstrated adequate mastery and will not have the opportunity to reassess.
    2. Students scoring below a 90 may reassess one time, for a possible final score of 90.
    3. In order to reassess, students must complete all previous daily work and homework prior to the reassessment opportunity.
    4. The student must also engage in additional learning opportunities / assignments as determined by the teacher.
    5. The student must reassess within 4 days of the student receiving the original grade.

    Unexcused missed required reassessments will result in a lost ticket.  Multiple missed reassessments will result in an office referral and possible after school detention.

    Check the Reassessment Links on individual teacher pages for forms and specific reassessment review work.


    Please remember, before any reassessment can occur:

     - the student and the parent need to complete and sign the Reassessment Form

    - there will be review assignments or tutoring that is required before the reassessment will be given

    - they are by appointment only; the student and teacher need to confirm the date and time of the reassessment.



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