• Academic Policies
    (as adopted by the Denton Independent School District)
    Class Loads
    All students in grades 9, 10, and 11 are required to enroll in 8 blocks each semester.  Seniors must enroll in at least 6 credit earning blocks.  Seniors are encouraged to enroll in additional science, math, and electives since 8 blocks are available to them.   Special Note:  In June 2004, the Board of Trustees approved new guidelines limiting early dismissal periods for senior students to no more than two periods that would be tied to participation in AP, dual credit enrollment, or CATE Tech-Prep  or career preparation courses requiring students to work off-campus to receive credit.  Senior students can enroll in no more than one non-content course (PALS, Student Council, high school helpers, student aide, etc) as part of the six required courses for students qualifying for early dismissal.  Students could enroll in more than one of these courses if they forfeited one early dismissal period for each additional non-content course. Class load requirements differ for Career Preparations/Co-op senior students.  If enrolled in that program, see your counselor for further clarification.
    Schedule Changes
    Course selections during pre-registration are considered final.  The campus master schedule and hiring of teachers are based on pre-registration numbers and changes made after this time cannot be guaranteed.  Any request for a change in course after spring pre-registration must be made in writing.  Because of state compulsory attendance laws, students may not drop or add a course after four class days of attendance.  The random changing of courses at the beginning of school will not be honored due to the effect these changes have on classroom enrollment and the disruption of classroom instruction.  To receive full credit for a course, students must be in attendance 90% of the class.  Students may change levels (move from a Pre-AP to a regular class) within content area at the end of the first six weeks period after a parent-teacher conference if class load permits.
    Grade Classification
    Students are classified at the beginning of the school year according to the number of credits they have earned.  Classifications will remain the same throughout the school year unless corrections are necessary due to errors.  All changes in grade classification must be approved by the principal.
    Minimum grade classification requirements for classes
    9th grade 
    0 - 5½ credits 
    10th grade
    6 credits
    11th grade
    12 credits
    12th grade
    18 credits
Last Modified on June 26, 2018