Request Employment Records

  • Employee Records Request

    ** If you are needing an employment verification (verbal or written), containing salary information, please contact the Payroll department at (940) 369-0026.**
    The Employee Records Request form below is the required document for all previous and current Denton ISD employees to request the following records.

    *ALERT: if you are resigning from Denton ISD, you will receive your records during your scheduled exit interview - please do not submit an Employee Records Request Form. To resign, follow the instructions on the "Employee Resignation" link on the left.

    • Service Records 
      • Previous Employees - Originals or Certified Copies
      • Current Employees - Copies Only
    • Transcripts
      • Previous Employees - Originals
      • Current Employees - Copies Only
    • Items for Human Resources to Complete 
      • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Form
      • Verification of Employment Letter
      • Out of State Service Record Forms 
    Please note: forms that need to be completed by Human Resources must be received with the Records Request Form. 
    Records Request Instructions
    Below are instructions on how to complete the online Records Request Form.
    Records Request Link
    This eForm is designed to be submitted online to notify the correct HR representative of your request; please complete the form using the link below: