Rezoning F.A.Q. for Secondary Schools

  • Secondary Rezoning Frequently Asked Questions

    Our house is now zoned for Braswell High School. Will my 2016-17 senior go to Braswell?
    No, Braswell High School will only open with freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
    If I have a 2016-17 senior, can his or her sibling stay at their current school instead of going to Braswell?
    Students who are zoned for Braswell but have a senior sibling who will continue to attend Denton or Ryan can stay with that sibling at their current school for the 2016-17 school year if desired. Transportation will continue to be provided to these students for the 2016-17 school year. In following years, those students will only be granted transfers to remain at Denton or Ryan on a space-available basis, with families required to provide their own transportation if they remain at either school.
    What academic, fine arts and athletic programs will Braswell have?
    Braswell is anticipated to include the same slate of academic, fine arts and athletic programs available at Denton ISD's other three comprehensive high schools, subject to participation rates high enough to offer the classes or programs. The exception is the International Baccalaureate program, which is only offered at Denton High School.
    Will special education services be available at Braswell?
    Yes, Braswell will have the same special education services as other schools in Denton ISD.
    If my child is in the IB program at Denton, can he or she stay?
    Yes. Denton accepts transfers for IB as it is the only high school in the district that offers the program.
    Will Braswell students still be able to take classes at the LaGrone Advanced Technology Complex?
    Yes, as with Denton ISD's other high schools, Braswell students can take classes at the ATC and will be transported there via bus. 
    Will Braswell have a JROTC program?
    Principal Lesli Guajardo is currently coordinating with the U.S. Air Force for Braswell to become certified and open with an AFJROTC program. A potential certification could be made as early as spring 2016, though it may take longer, such as into the summer before the school opens.
    Who qualifies for bus transportation to Braswell?
    As with all Denton ISD campuses, students who live 2 miles or more from their school are eligible for bus transportation. Additionally, Denton ISD will offer bus transportation to all students who live north of U.S. Highway 380 to Braswell to prevent them from walking across the highway.
    Will there be a pedestrian bridge over U.S. 380 to Braswell?
    Denton ISD does not have the authority to make decisions related to roadways leading to its campuses. The only roadways Denton ISD has authority over are those located on campus property, such as roads leading from the front of a school to the back. There are currently no plans for a pedestrian bridge that the district is aware of, though it's working with local and state transportation entities such as TxDOT to create a pedestrian traffic plan.
    Will Braswell compete in varsity athletics?
    Yes, Braswell's sports will open with varsity teams and participate in a UIL district for sports as well as academic and fine arts competitions. That district will be decided at a biennial UIL realignment meeting in February 2016.
    What UIL division will Braswell play in?
    Braswell's UIL classification will be dependent upon projected enrollment numbers and UIL cutoff figures. Based on its projected enrollment and current UIL cutoff figures, Braswell is most likely to be classified in 5A.