•  Art Letter application

    Denton High School Art Letter Application

     Complete Application Due the First Friday of May


                                                          Grade________________    Date_______________________________________

     Lettering Criteria 

    Check off Criteria Upon Completion:

     Have Taken at Least Two years of Art Classes

    -Please highlight all art classes taken and grade received during high school career on unofficial transcript enclosed. 

    -List below the AP Studio/IB Art Class enrolled in for the current school year; AP Teacher Signature is required.

     Current Art Class _______________________________________________

     Current Grade___________Teacher Signature_____________________________


    Maintain a 3.5GPA or Higher Cumulative in All Art Classes

    Current Art GPA___________________________


    Maintain a 2.5GPA or Higher Cumulative in All School Studies

    Current GPA______________________________

    No Disciplinary Action in Current School Year (i.e. excessive unexcused absences, suspension…)

    Assistant Principal/ Dean Signature_____________________________________

    Complete and Return an Art Letter Application with All Corresponding Forms and Signatures Prior to Deadline

    Date Application Submitted________________________

     Obtain The Following Lettering Applicant Points

    Circle Correct Applicant Year

          1st (Sophomore)Year Lettering      Applicant Must Amass 500pts.

    2nd (Junior)Year Lettering    Applicant Must Amass 600pts. 

    3rd (Senior)Year Lettering     Applicant Must Amass 700pts.


    Activity Record


     Section I       Denton High Art Display________________         _______                ______          _50pts

    Denton Art Display Record Enclosed                                                                   (Number of Works Displayed)  x______               

             Total Earned Points _______


    Art Show Participant_________________               _______                ______                                  _50pts

    Art Show Participant Record Enclosed                                                                (Number of Shows)  x______               

             Total Earned Points _______

     Art Show Volunteer                                                                                                                                       25pts*

    Art Show Volunteer Record EnclosedLimit of 4 Hours Total                         (Number of Volunteer Hours)  x______               

              Total Earned Points _______

     Advanced Placement Art Class                                                                                                                     150pts

    Advanced Placement Teacher Signature-Lettering Criteria Section                                                                                                         Total Earned Points _______

                                                    Section I -Grand Total Earned Points_________


    Section II     Art Exhibition/Museum/Gallery Review                                                                   75pts

    Art Exhibition/Museum/Gallery Review(s) & Visual Evidence Enclosed

    Limit of 4 Submissions                                                                                                (Number of Reviews)  x______               

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______

    College/University Art Class Visit                                                                                                            50pts

    College/University Art Classroom Visit form(s) Enclosed

       (Number of Classroom Visits)  x______              

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______ 

    Art Book Review                                                                                                                                           75pts

    Art Related Book Review(s) Enclosed

           (Number of Book Reviews)  x______              

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______ 

    Art Movie/TV Review                                                                                                                               20pts

    Movie/Television Show Review(s) Enclosed

    Limit of 4 Submissions                                                                                            (Number of Show Reviews)  x______               

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______

     Professional Artist Interview                                                                                                                  100pts

    Professional Artist Interview form(s) Enclosed

                                                                                                                                                (Number of Interviews)  x______               

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______

    Section II -Grand Total Earned Points_________


    Section III Art Club/Art Related Organization Member                                                                         _50pts

     Club Advisor Signature(s)_________________________________________

    Membership Dates____________________

           (Number of Organization Memberships)  x______             

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______ 

    Community Volunteer Art Project                                                                                                                                     50pts

    Community Volunteer Art Project form(s) Enclosed

    (Number of Volunteer Projects)  x______               

                                                                                                             Total Earned Points _______

    Published Art Work__                                                                                                                             ___________ 25-100pts*

    Published Art Work Record & Visual Evidence Enclosed                                                                                                             Total Allocated Points _______ 

    Other                                                                                                                                                                                                     ? pts

    Selective Activity form(s) Enclosed

                         Selective Activity Total Earned Points _______


                                                            Section III -Grand Total Earned Points_________ 


    Add all Activity Sections I-III Grand Total Earned Points and Place Below

    Lettering Applicant Grand Total Points___________


    Attach All Enclosed Forms in the Respected Order Outlined Above

    *Point values are based on each hour devoted to the listed activity or per teacher allocation, rather than completion of an activity 


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