Rezoning F.A.Q. for Elementary Schools

  • Elementary Rezoning Frequently Asked Questions

    My child will be a fifth-grade student next year. Does he or she have to move schools?
    No. The parent or guardian of any fifth-grader impacted by rezoning has the option to allow his or her child to remain at the same school.
    I have a child who will be a fifth-grade student next year, and he or she also has a younger elementary-aged sibling who won't be in fifth grade. Will I have children at two different elementary schools if the fifth-grader stays at his or her current school?
    No, unless you want to have children at two different schools. The sibling(s) of any fifth-grader who elects to stay at his or her current school can also stay, if desired. Parents will be responsible for transportation of those students, however.
    I live in the Bell-Paloma option zone. What does that mean?
    That means your child can attend either Bell Elementary or Paloma Creek Elementary if he or she already attends Paloma Creek. Families who currently have a student attending Paloma Creek and live in this zone can attend either school, they just need to let the district know by the spring of 2016. Families who later live in this area (such as those who build a house or move there) will be zoned for Paloma Creek Elementary.
    If I live in the option zone, will my child be able to ride the bus to school?
    Yes. Regardless of which elementary school is chosen, students who live in the option zone can be bused to their school if desired. 
    My child currently receives special education services. Will those services continue at his or her new school?
    Yes, Denton ISD has special education services at all elementary schools.