• Placing a book on Hold means that you are asking Destiny Discover to reserve a book for you that is currently checked out to another reader.  That way you are certain that you will be able to eventually check that book out yourself.    

    To place a Hold on a Book:

    • Sign in to your Destiny Discover account.
    • Click on the 'See all'  (The ribbons highlight newer titles, but doesn’t give you the option to Hold a book).
    • If you find a title that you are interested in checking out and it is currently checked out to someone else, that is when you place the Hold.
    • Click on the red Hold button that is beside the book that you want.
    • This button briefly appears showing successful placement of the hold and where you are in line for the hold, and then will switch to show a Remove Hold button


    • A list of your holds may be found in your book bag -- select Holds from the Bookbag pull down menu and you will be able to see all of the Holds that you have placed.

    How Will You Know When a Hold is Ready for You?

    • Once the person returns a book that on which you have place a Hold, if you are next in the queue, a message will be waiting for you when you log into your personal Destiny Discover account the next time.  It will display a little red box with a number next to your bookbag.

    • Click on Holds and check out your Hold item.
Last Modified on February 8, 2017